Monday, May 28, 2012

Ribbit, Ribbit!

Ribbit, Ribbit!

Last night Ivy and I decided to go on a little froggy adventure. I wanted to collect some tadpoles again. We'd done this a few times before but with no success, or if we had found some they...*ahem* didn't stay with us long. I took a small glass jar down to the water's edge and Ivy brought her froggie net. 
First we checked under the bridge. Although, the water coming under the bridge was straight from the ocean. We thought it may be too cold so it was time to move on to another spot.

No froggies here!

 We all walked down the road a bit more. Elias and Ivy thought maybe we could find froggies under this bridge, there were even lilypads! They of course are frog's lil landing spot! Although.. still no luck. Time to move on again.
Nope, no frogs here!
 After walking down over the hill from the bridge a bit more we found the boat dock. This for sure would have to have some frogs! I was standing at the end of the dock when it happened. I fell in. My welly got stuck in one of the slats of the dock and I flipped over and landed in the lake. All I could hear was Ivy and Elias screaming. Ivy had starting to cry 'Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!" She was terrified. I, however, felt stupid. I was fine and was in fairly shallow water. I climbed up and out of the water and onto the dock. Wringing my shirt out and trying to salvage a bit of decency.

Oh, NO! I fell in! 
 No more standing on the dock for me. We went around to the corner near the dock and I found a bunch of reeds. This was the perfect spot for frogs to lay eggs and a great save haven for little tadpoles. I leaned over.. *carefully* and dipped my jar into the water. I only came up with some dirt, leaves and some broken twigs. Darn it. No luck, again.

Just muddy water. 
 There was one last place we could check, the fishing dock. It was over by the barn. We had seen a frog here once before.. so I had to assume there was more. When we got a bit closer Ivy says to me "Mama I hear gurburt" The frogs were talking.. they WERE there after all. I settled myself in the water and moved some reeds apaart and surprise.. I saw a frog! I hushed Ivy and motioned with my hands for her to come closer with her net. She was nervous she would "moosh" him... but she didn't! She did a great job and she trapped the frog under the net while I quickly dipped my jar into the water.

Look what Ivy caught! 
 While I was scooping the water up Ivy managed to find a little froggie friend and held it in her hands! She was so surprised! She told me he felt slimy and squishy. Naturally, the frog didn't sit long in her hand and jumped away. She was a little bummed.. but we did have a jar to inspect for tadpoles!

Look Mommy! 
 Once we looked closer in the jar would could see a few little specs floating around. If you look too you can see the baby tadpoles we caught! We now have a little family of tadpoles to watch grow into frogs in our classroom!
Look, they are swimming! 

They are hard to see.. but there are tadpoles in there!

 Now what? We had the tadpoles. Ivy had one question. "How do we get them home? We going to spill them" She was right.. I had no idea. we had a long way to walk and the terrain wasn't even. We were only a short distance from my sister Kara's house. We made it to her doorway and asked her for a ride home in the truck. I could hold the jar a bit more steadily in the truck. So, Ivy and I hopped in the back of the truck and Kara drove us home. ( So much fun in the back of the truck! )

Drive safe, Sis! 
   On our way home with our new little friends!
I can see the house! 
We made it home safely as did the tadpoles. Now, they are happily swimming free in a tank in the classroom. We'll watch them slowly grow into frogs! What an amazing process to watch. It's beautiful to watch the cycle of life!


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