Friday, May 25, 2012

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

It was a quiet spring afternoon at our house. I noticed that the dining room table didn't have fresh flowers. I asked Ivy if she would like to come with me to pick some flowers. We each grabbed a small basket and skipped outside into the fresh afternoon air. The salty breeze was blowing softly that afternoon. If you looked down over the hill at our home you could almost see the wild flowers dancing. Calling to us. We decided to try the hill that was to the side of our home. It was filled with various types of flowers. We knelt down in the field of daisy's. I showed Ivy each flower and explained to her how to gently pick them from the stem and not from the base of the flower.

Delicate like a daisy
 We decided that we needed to pick more and that we should do a little more exploring. We walked down the road a bit until we came to the bridge. She is a little nervous to cross over the bridge. I think it might the little slats that you can see through. So, I gave her a lil piggyback ride and we ran across the bridge.

Carry me, Mommy!

After so more exploring we found the perfect pink flowers. I think Ivy may have giggled so loud and so much that her cheeks hurt. We picked as many as we could carry back to the house. We had a beautiful bouquet by now! 

Tip toe in the flowers 
 We finally made it back home. We both had beautiful bouquets. We dumped out the contents of our buckets and laid the flowers out on the kitchen floor. I told Ivy "When you put flowers into a vase you should cut the stems at a diagonal line -- not straight. and no leaves should be in the water. The plants can drink lots of water like that!"

Filling the vase

After we properly cut and arranged our flowers we put them into an old vase I had under the sink. We set them on the dining room table when we were done. We were able to admire these flowers for days. 

Beautiful Flowers


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  1. A day with Mommy and the smell of wild flowers! *squee* <3