Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deck the halls!

Well, the tree is in, the music is on.. it's time to *decorate!*
We invited over some of our friends and family over for a night of hand made decorations followed by the Little Wonders Christmas tree lighting!

Ivy and her ornament and paper chain!

Cady hard at work!

Maelie working on her chain, she even made a crown!

Kenzie made two beautiful ornaments!

Giselle starting work on hers!

Tess working hard!

We worked for a few hours before we had to put everything down and head into town for the tree lighting! There was a lot of traffic ( and lag! ) but we all made it to the ice rink for a live singer and the lighting of the beautiful tree. It was so lovely to be surrounded by friends and family! (excuse the unedited photos! I guess I never edited them! )
Waiting for the big moment!

The tree!

The big red button! 3..2...1....

She's lit!
 After the tree had been lit and we enjoyed time with the community we headed back home. We still had lots of work to do! Once we made it home safe and sound and the jackets were hung up, the boots tucked by the door, and the mittens draped over the radiator to dry. I made a quick batch of cookies for the girls to munch on while they finished up their work.
Chocolate chip anyone?

After the girls finished up their ornaments. I had them each come one by one into the living room to hang it on the tree. They picked out their very own spot for it.

Ivy hanging her creation!

Cady hanging hers!

Giselle hanging hers!
After we hung our ornaments on the tree, I read them all a few goodnight stories and then we camped out under the tree for the night. We had such a busy night!

~ Meg

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  1. We made such a mess! and the tree lighting was so suspencful! i have never seen a tree so big! and the sleep over after was so much fun!