Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ear Piercing!

I asked Ivy one morning if she would like her ears pierced like her big sister. She said yes, and was quite excited. Although, once I told her *how* I had to do it.. she became a bit nervous. I went out to the store and bought both  her and Cady a special pair of little diamond earrings.

I set her up in her booster seat in the kitchen. I set her earrings in a small cup of alcohol to clean them off. After dabbing her ears with alcohol I lined up the piercing gun to her ear and sang her a little song as I quickly pulled the trigger to pierce her ear. One earring was in!

Getting ready!

Ear number one! 

She's so brave!

 After a kiss on the cheek and wiping her tears I pierced her other ear. Now.. both ears were done! I held a mirror up so she could look at herself. She was so proud!

Cuddles for being such a brave girl! 

They were a little red, poor girl 

Brand new earrings!


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  1. I was so excited! but then really scared! but now i'm happy i get to wear all the pretty earrings like a big girl, just like mommy!