Sunday, May 20, 2012

Winter turns to spring

This winter has been lovely. Shortly after Christmas we moved from Little Wonders into the country with our dear friends Kara and Giselle. ( I meant to post the pictures of us moving! .. oops! so.. here it is!)

Moving Day!

Moving to the country was long overdue for us. I'm a country girl. I love waking to the sound of the gulls on the shore, the big field of wild flowers, the sound of crickets lulling to me to sleep. It's a perfect mixture. We had been sitting out back on the deck one afternoon admiring the scenery when we saw a blue whale breaching in the distance. He soon became our pet.. which we affectionately named Mr. Whale.
Spring is coming soon.. so we thought we would share some photo's of our winter wonderland before the sun melts away the white fluffy snow..
Our Home

Backyard, and our beloved Mr. Whale

Shot above the house

Shot of the back of the sim

The Ice Rink

The movie shack on the hill

Secret hideout behind the movie shack

Shot of most of the sim
The Stable

Adored Family Home

Our home from the back, and Mr. Whale

(There is a video that is being a little pain.. I will get it on here asap! )


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  1. The last day of our home in the winter was really surreal, i'm glad we took so many pictures to remember our beautiful home!