Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have a secret...

     Ever since the girls were away at camp I'd been feeling a little under the weather. I didn't think too much of it. I brushed it off pretty much daily. At first I thought I had the flu or maybe a food allergy.
So, the days went on, the girls came home, etc. We had been home about two weeks when I decided it was time to take... a pregnancy test.

I didn't tell the girls just yet.. but I went into the bathroom and locked the door. This was it.. the big moment. I was taking the test.

Here goes nothin'..

Here goes..

Now.. the waiting game. 

I had to sit and wait 3 minutes.. a WHOLE 3 MINUTES?! Gosh, that seems like an eternity. I think I paced around the bathroom the entire time. Straightening out the vanity, stared out the window.. anything to keep myself busy.

                                               Finally, the timer went off - it was time to look...

                                                       You guessed it!... I'm pregnant!

Now a new journey begins..


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