Friday, May 25, 2012

Who ya gonna call? Ghost Hunters!

                                       ( if you would play this while you read ~ I'd love it!)

                                      Things that go bump in the night..

 The only downside to moving into an old house is that sometimes.. sometimes.. things still live there..
One evening I had been giving Ivy a bath in the tub. It had been a normal day of playing outdoors, dinner and, the normal evening tubby time.
I had just finished washing her hair in the tub when we heard it.
     "Mommy? .. why is the piano playing?"
I think I just stared at her a moment, dropping one of her tub toys into the water. I heard it too. Her little pink piano was playing upstairs in the studio. How could this be? It's just Ivy and I in the house.. the cats were still outside playing. No one was up there. I have to admit to you - I was terrified.
  "Well..I'm not sure sweetheart. Maybe it's just... the wind."
I knew darn well it wasn't the wind. The house we live in, (as you saw in my earlier post) is an old coastal home. Our front yard is the ocean, with a large lighthouse. I've wondered perhaps if this was an old sea captain's home. I think after this episode, I'll have to go to the local library and do some research.
     "Let's get you out of the tub and in some jammies. We can get some flashlights and go upstairs. I'll show you everything is okay."
I got Ivy dried off and into some jammies. We went downstairs and found some flashlights in the drawer in the kitchen. We headed up the stairs into the attic for a real look at what was going on. Ivy was a little nervous to come with me but too scared to stay alone downstairs.

Do we dare go up there?...

I started to make the climb up the studio.. I barely crested over the top of the stairwell when I saw something. It was over by the piano. I instinctively let out a scream and froze in place. With my scream came a little tiny one from Ivy followed by her footsteps running down the stairs. However, I was frozen. I was staring at the ghost of what looked to be a woman and her baby. I could hear muffled voices and what sounded like a baby crying. How could this be? Of course I'd buy a house that was haunted. It'd be my luck. I had to move, I had to find my little girl. Do it, Meg. Move. GO.
Could it be?....

I ran down over the attic stairs so fast, I'm not sure my toes even touched them. Ivy, I needed to find Ivy. I ran directly into her room, my flashlight still in hand.
"Honey?, Ivy? It's Mommy, where are you?"
I heard her faint whimpering and crying. She was hiding in the corner by her crib. She'd pulled her blanket up over her face and held her flashlight tight with in her chubby little fingers.
I held my arms open for her - still a firm grip on my flashlight -
"It's okay baby, Mommy's here..come here"
That's when she did it. She got up and ran as fast as she could out of her room and down over the stairs. She was screaming something at me while she ran. "GET OUT! We have to GET OUT MOMMY!"
I'm scared...
I got up and ran as fast as I could after her. The house was dark, I only had my flashlight to guide my way. When I found her she was standing in the living room looking at the fireplace. The fire had an odd blue glow to it. It was quite odd. She was at the front door banging on it.. "OUT!" I went to scoop her up but she had managed to get the door open and was already running down over the hill towards our neighbor's house. I ran faster and faster. It was very dark now. I relied on her flashlight beam, my flashlight and, the beam from the light house to guide my way. I knew the path well. I finally caught up to her at the foot of the bridge. 
She was still crying and quite frantic. 
We ended up at our neighbor's house. They had just moved in and were out of town visiting family. It was still empty. Rooms were littered with boxes. Luckily, we live in the country and we are the only two homes for miles so we tend to leave our homes unlocked. We got into the house safely. The power had not been turned on at her place yet.. so we were literally stuck in the dark. We had nothing with us. 
Are we safe here?

I figured we'd need to sleep at some point. My poor little girl was terrified. Her little frame was trembling, her face was littered with tears. She asked me if we could block the doorway. So we piled some of their moving boxes up in the doorway to lock ourselves in a small side room. 

We were trapped inside. I hoped whatever.. whoever I saw didn't follow us down here. Why was she in my house? What had happened to her? Was she upset? Were there more? So many questions were running through my mind.. where to being to explain things to my little girl. One thing I did know -- we needed to sleep. We needed to calm down. We needed a sense of security for the night. 
Are we safe yet?

We ripped open a box that was labeled blankets. I took one large quilt out of the box in an effort to make us a 'tent'. We managed to hang it over a little window bench. Making us a small bed for the night. She was still shaking in my arms, I myself was a bit too. I hoped she didn't notice. I told Ivy it was time to lay down and that I would sing to her and protect her all night. 
Saftey Tent

I convinced her to lay with me in the window seat. She was terrified that we were by the windows. "What if the ghostie followed us Mommy?
I told her that it was not possible. However, I don't know this.. it could have. I was worried too. I had to be the brave Mommy for her. I couldn't let her see my fear. I pulled her close to me on the bench. Wrapping my arms around her to keep her safe and warm. I layed my flash light at the end of the bench facing outward so that we could keep an eye on the room itself. 
Mommy, I'm scared.
Our safety.

Getting her to sleep wasn't going to be easy. Who am I kidding? Getting MYSELF to sleep wasn't going to be easy. It'd pretty much be certain that I wouldn't sleep even a wink. I quietly began to sing our song to her. 'Baby Mine' while gently rubbing her back and playing with her hair. Soon over that I heard her flashlight hit the bench. She had drifted off to sleep. Thankfully. Now as for myself? I don't think I will sleep tonight. I'll be staring out the window, over the hill at our house. Probably jumping at every noise I hear. 

As for whomever, or whatever is living in my home.. they are still there.
Maybe you can help us free them?....


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  1. That was soooooo scary!!! I hope it doesnt come back :(