Sunday, June 3, 2012

A visit from Nana!

                                    Rosalee Visits!

A few days ago we had a lovely visit from an elderly lady ~ Rosalee Faith. She spent the afternoon with us. The girls were happy to meet someone new. While I went to the kitchen for some tea; Mrs. Faith offered the girls each a lollipop from her little bag. When I returned with the tea, Rosa had the lollipops held up and looked to me for permission to give them to the girls. I, of course said it was fine. The girls were excited to have a little candy. I don't often let Ivy have candy, so this was an extra special treat!
We stood about and talked for a short time. In conversation it had come up that we have a garden. Mrs. Fatih asked if she could take a peek at our garden. She expressed her love for gardening and for baking pies! So, we headed down over the hill to the veggie garden.

Welcome, Rosalee!

It's only a short walk down to the garden. Mrs. Faith was quite impressed with our large veggie garden, and the array of fruit trees we have. Back up at the house she had mentioned her favorite pie to bake was strawberry rhubarb. We showed her our strawberry patch(they were ready to be picked!) and I offered her a small bowl to take a few home if she'd like to. We had a blast picking berries. I ate a bit more than I picked.

Inspecting the barries

Nothing better than fresh fruit!

After we had finished up picking berries and we showed Mrs. Faith the new bulbs we had planted in the garden we walked back up to the house for some tea and conversation on the deck out front.
We ended the afternoon with a lovely conversation and plans to meet up the following weekend for a small picnic and swimming lessons for Ivy!

Tea & Cakes
                                 Thanks for visiting Mrs. Faith! We can't wait to see you again!


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