Saturday, May 26, 2012

Old MacDonald had a farm!

                                                 Collecting Eggs

As you've seen before, we have chickens. We love to visit the animals on the farm we have here. Especially the chickens. Ivy likes to go and see the eggs. One mid-morning day we rode our bikes ( Well Ivy drove her power-wheel car! ) down to the barn and the coop. We went into the chicken coop to look for some eggs for breakfast the next day. The hens were a little protective that morning and Ivy was waving her arms around while telling them to "Shoo! Shoo!" trying to get them to leave us. We were of course disturbing their nests. Once we were settled I told her we needed to bring home 6 eggs. I picked up one small egg from a nest and placed it into the basket. "One. Now, we need 5 more eggs. Can you help me count them?" Ivy wasn't sure that she could just yet. She's still only 2. She found a small egg and went to gently roll it into the basket. "Two! like me!" she said in a proud voice.
"You're right! You ARE two years old! So, what comes after 2?" I rolled another egg into the basket and I started to mouth the word "Thr..." "TREE!" Ivy was so proud. "Yes! Good work, honey! 1-2-3!" We had 3 eggs in the basket."If we have 3 eggs, and we need six eggs.. we need 3 more eggs. 3 plus 3 is 6!" We went hunting for some larger eggs. We found one that was fairly large. I questioned putting it into the basket or not. So, I moved towards the doorway of the coop and held it up to the bright sunlight.
"Ivy, come here, look!" There was a small outline inside the egg. This egg was carrying a small baby chick.
"Oh my goodness Mommy!" Ivy was surprised. I'm not sure that she knew where baby chickens came from. So, I explained it all to her.. she was then unsure that she wanted to eat eggs anymore. We continued to pick out eggs until we had 6 in our small basket. I wasn't able to carry the eggs back to the house. She offered to put them in the other seat in her car. We drove them up to the house and set them in the fridge.
We're going to go back daily to check on our growing baby chick!

Whiih one is nest?

A baby chick?!

                                              Check back for the birth of our baby chick!


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  1. We need to go back down there soon and see if the eggs with the babies inside have hatched!