Thursday, May 24, 2012

Serendipity Saddle Club

                                                Serendipity Saddle Club 

Some of you may or may not know that I run the Serendipity Saddle Club. It's an equestrian school. Teaching children horse safety, and riding lessons. I've had it open since the fall of 2011. We've had a few shows and tons of great memories. I offer 3 different skill levels as well as private lessons for those who are interested. If you are curious about this club please feel free to look me up in world (Meg Hadlee) and I'd be happy to pass you some information!  I have a collection of photo's to share with you. In no real order...just a memory mash up!

Advance Course Show

Left 4 Dead Zombie prep at the barn?!

Little Artists <3

First barn photo!

First Class!

Learning how to properly mount and sit on an english saddle

Grooming Class

Grooming Class

Practicing Gaits

First barn sleepover!

Learning how to muck stalls

Learning where to put stall 'dirties'

Barn's first Christmas!
Before we opened

Before the grand opening

First ride at the farm

I will likely be updating this post often with more memories.. I could write a novel under each of these photo's and explain all of our adventures and lessons.. but you'd be here all day. Look for the next class registration to join the SSC Family and have some fun with us! 

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  1. All of the Saddle Club memories! I'm so glad that you were able to open up Saddle Club here, and share your love and knowledge of horses, and horse care with everyone, and provide realistic levels of learning of kids in SL, rather than us just getting on a horse and running around doing jumps and tricks, because then it wouldnt be fun! I cant wait for the next Saddle Club, i really want to learn more!