Thursday, May 24, 2012

Luck o' the Irish!

The luck of the Irish is here! .. or we hope to be so lucky! 

I'm Irish and Scottish (What a combination!) So.. the girls and I set out some 'leprechaun traps' to try and catch our very own leprechaun. We tried to set out things we know they like... shiny gold, and rainbows! We then tipped a cardboard box on it's side and propped it up with a stick! We set the boxes in area's where we thought they might try and visit, or even steal some things. ( They are tricky little buggers!)

We set this one out in the brush by the chicken coop!

I bet we'll catch one!
 Ivy was worried they were going to go in her room so we had to set up a trap out in front of her bedroom door!

Then one by the back door just in case they tried to sneak in the house. We didn't set one out front because our kitty likes to sleep out there. We figured she could catch one!

The next morning came and while the girls were asleep I tip toed outdoors to check on one of the traps. Low and behold.. we caught one!
We caught one!

We were lucky after all!

(No leprechauns were harmed in our adventure! He was set free!)


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  1. The leprechaun was so scary.... I dont want him coming back to visit us, lol