Saturday, May 19, 2012

Snip, Snip ~ Haircut time!

We've been home about a week or so from Hawaii and we're missing the sun and sand quite a bit!

However, the girls have another big trip coming up in a little less than a week. -- Winter Camp! They head to a sleep away camp for a week. I'll miss them terribly.. this is so hard for me. My house will be so quiet.. eerily so.
In preparation for camp.. both girls desperately needed haircuts. We had been in Cady's room sorting out her winter clothes and deciding what to bring and what to leave at home when I broke the hair cut news to them.. Ivy had been sitting on my lap when I mentioned it and was not happy.. she then ran and hid in her the little dog house in her sister's room.
They will never find me! 
 I finally convinced the two of them that it was time to go downstairs and start trimming their hair. Ivy's had.. become a bit unruly.. I started with the ends and worked my way up. I ended with the their bangs. Afterwards they each got a strawberry ice cream cone. So, all was not lost! (I have a few tricks up my sleeve!)
Snip, Snip!

The hair is falling!

Grumpy butt!

Oh, wait. I can see!
 When I started to trim Cady's here she was so worried.. she told me not to cut her ear off!

Don't cut my ear! 


The girls are can now see! Fresh hair cuts, and full bellies!


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  1. That picture of me sitting on your chest screaming, kills me! rofl. But i'm glad you still left my hairs kinda long, i LOVE my long hair!