Thursday, May 17, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Christmas is really here. The spirit is alive in my house. Displayed by our stockings, balsam garland, lights, candles, a Nativity Scene, copious amounts of food and candy, music that fills not only your ears but your heart, and last but not least- the glorious Christmas Tree. I spent the morning, tidying the house, setting the table cloths out and making sure the house was in perfect shape for our evening together. 

This was my first Christmas in SL. I wanted this to be special, and that my little girl would have the chance to live Christmas as I did as a child in RL. 

Our evening started out with a quick and last minute off to Santa. She worked hard on her letter in front of the Cafe Cady that I had installed under the stairwell for her. 

I'd like a puppy and.. and.. and.. and..

When she was through she handed me letter to read. She asked Santa for a puppy, a bike and a kitty.
Pretty reasonable for the big guy, right?

Dear, Santa....

Cady was concerned that Santa wouldn't get his letter in time. I promised her it would if we sprinkled a little bit of snow inside of the mailbox, and toss some into the air. So, we sprinkled a little bit of snow and ran inside. As soon as we got inside we heard my laptop "ding!" and there was an e-mail from Santa himself! He had already received her letter. He sent her a video of himself talking to her about all of her wishes!

Santa's Letter! 
 After we watched the video and Cady squealed and nearly jumped out of her chair dinner was ready. We sat down together for our very first Christmas dinner together in our brand new house. I had bought Cady a brand new Christmas dress that year. We had gone to see the Nutcracker Ballet a few days before with a few close friends. Dinner went well and we both said things we were thankful for this year. 

Christmas Dinner.

During dinner I had some cookies baking for Santa. I had also put some carrots in the crisper for the reindeer. They need fuel too! Of course when we set them out, we needed our own fuel.. and we had to taste test them for the big guy. ( We can't give him bad cookies!) The cookies were Cady approved, so they must be good enough for the big guy! 
Cookie's for Santa!
It was hard to just eat only one.. we might have had two or three. Santa will get cookies all night, right? What's a few for us? 
Sadly, after leaving the cookies out for Santa it was time for bed. I had purchased us a special book to read that night -- The Polar Express. It's one of my favorite Christmas stories. We read the books in my bed that night. We even found a small little bell - just like the story had! I carried Cady down to her bed and tucked her in tight. Gave her a kiss, turned on the lights on her little mini tree ( in her favorite color of course ~ purple!) and placed the little Santa bell on her bedside table. I gave her special instructions that night. "You need to stay in bed all night, no sneaking up to my room tonight. Wait until morning and you can run up the stairs and wake me up!" I knew that would be hard as it was Christmas Eve after all. I kissed her goodnight and tucked her in for the long night. 

After the stockings were hung by the fireside, the lights turned out, the kitties snoring quietly in their beds and the snow was falling it was time for me to call it a night as well. Then.. while I slept quietly in my bedroom.. Cady had an adventure of her own...

A certain someone had arrived at our home...Santa Claus! He first flew by her bedroom and hovered outside .. she told me she could hear the bells ringing from her bed!

Cady leapt from her bed and ran to the window to see Santa himself.. he landed on the roof. She ran down over the stairs and into the living room.

He's REALLY here!
 Cady was so surprised. I'm shocked I didn't wake with all the giggles downstairs. Cady told me they talked for quite a while, and he was really nice! She showed him where the cookies were and he had a few. He told her that they were the best he had all night!
Is it really you?!

The best cookies! 
 She even got a snuggle from Santa, what a lucky girl!

Santa snuggles!
 After Santa snuggles he told her to go back to bed and he could lay out her gifts. She did what she was told and ran to her room. Unable to sleep well for the rest of the night because.. she just saw SANTA!

Santa had to leave our home and head out into the night.. he flew off his sleigh.... Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

Cady woke up *very* early that morning and came running into my room, jumping up and down on the bed yelling my name "Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!" She kept telling me that "He was here, he was here, HE WAS HERE!" she couldn't get her words out fast enough. She told me the whole story I just shared with you. After she managed to get it all out, we went downstairs to find our stockings.

 To our surprise Santa had left our stockings filled and at the top of the stairs for us! What a treat!

We carried them back upstairs to the big bed to see what he left us in our stockings! Cady got some new bath toys, a candy necklace, candy cane, a toothbrush ( Santa got bonus points for that! ) and some stickers!

                              The sun was finally starting to rise ( Cady woke up SO early! )

Cady could hardly contain herself any longer -- we HAD to run downstairs and see what Santa left. She squealed so loud when she saw that he had left her a puppy and a bike!

He was here, he was HERE! 

Oh my gosh, a puppy! 

A bike!

 While Cady checked out her toys from Santa, I went into the kitchen and took out a small box of cinnamon buns that I had bought at the local pastry shop. We had a quick bite and quickly got to the presents!

Cady had me open a present first.. she made a snowglobe that plays my favorite Christmas song.. and has a photo of the two of us together. She made me cry!

Somewhere.. <3

We both ended a few hours later with a messy living room and full hearts. It was an incredible Christmas. One of my best SL memories to date. I'll never forget that day and the memories that we made. We played for the rest of the day with her new toys. 

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday as well!

~ Meg 

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  1. How cute was this! i wish i could have spent it with you! (but i was away RL) i'm glad you too so many pics!