Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh, baby! Ivy's birth!

                                        Oh, baby! 

 The day had finally come. April 15th, 2012.
         I woke up that morning feeling a little under the weather. I was feeling very pregnant by now. Ivy had been kicking a lot during the night and sleep was pretty much a forgotten memory for me. It was rare that I got even 2 hours sleep. I was very uncomfortable.  It was time to meet this baby. I lounged around most of the morning trying to get comfortable when the contractions really started to hit. I called my friend over to help me around the house, and watch Cady. Not long after she had been at the house my contractions became a bit more intense .. it was time. She helped me out to the car and made sure I had all of my hospital bags. I sat waiting while she helped Cady and Giselle into the car. It was time... time to meet my baby girl!

On our way!
Here we go!

Here we go!

We arrived at the hospital safely and I was checked in. The girls went into the waiting room with my friend. Heading into the delivery room I was a complete wreck. So many emotions were mixing together. They got me into a johnny, checked my vitals. 
Working through my contractions.

After hours of labor it was finally time to push.. 

   Finally, at 5:17 p.m. Ivy Eden Colette Hadlee was born! Weighing 6.3 oz. and measuring 19 inches.

There's my baby!

Waiting to hold my new baby!

 Finally.. snuggling with my brand new baby girl! I had the nurse go into the waiting room to get the girls. I could not wait for them to meet Ivy!


The girls looking at the new baby!
Proud Mommy

Giselle loved holding the baby. She tried to talk to her. I know when Ivy gets a bit older  Giselle will be a wonderful friend for her to look up to.
Giselle, Ivy and I

Cady and her new little sister!

After a small stay in the hospital it was time to bring home my new baby girl.
Almost home!

 The house had been decorated while we were gone.. and we came home to such a sweet surprise!

It was a long.. but peaceful day at home. I think I could rock her all day long..

It was so hard to put her down that first night and let her sleep..I think I stood and watched her sleep for quite some time.. my precious little treasure..

Goodnight, precious.


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  1. This was one of the most emotional, and happy days for me in SL, so much better than just a birthday party, even if all my family and friends couldnt be there to spend the day with us, the most important thing is that i got to be with you, and we were able to share this together! I'm am so glad i waited so long, and i wasn't just adopted, but i was BORN, and not just to my mom, but to my best friend, and one of the most amazing people i know in SL and RL! I love you <3