Saturday, May 19, 2012

Headed off to Winter Camp 2012

      We have been busy since that little hair cut adventure. Packing bags, painting nails and mentally prepping for being away from each other for so long. I can't believe it - my babies are going to be away from me for so long. They are both nervous and scared.. yet excited. I bought both girls a new set of skii's for the trip - a pink set for Ivy and a purple set for Cady. I slipped a prepaid cell phone into each of the girl's back with the house number programmed into the number 2 for Ivy (She's 2, so she is familiar with what that number looks like!)and a 4 for Cady (because she's 4!) A little note from me to read when they are at camp..and some photo's.  (Cady wasn't able to be online for this :( )

   This is hard for me.. but we packed up the Ivy's things and laid them by the door while we hugged for what seemed an eternity. After bringing the items outside and packing the car, I brought Ivy to my parents house so they could travel with her - they were counselors this year. So, at least both girls had family there. 
All her things are ready!

Ivy doesn't pack light! 
The car is all set to go! 
BIG Squeeze!
Bye, Bye Mommy.

 When I was walking out of the door at my parents house, I could hear Ivy crying for me. It broke my heart into a million pieces...

I returned home to an empty little giggles for an entire week. What's a Mom to do?!


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  1. I literally packed ALL OF THE THINGS, i had like, 10 bags of junk! lol