Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cheep, Cheep!

With all of this spring talk.. there's one thing we are missing -- baby animals!
In getting to know me here (or if you find me in world in SL!) you'll find I *love* animals. Luckily, so does my little Ivy. I'm about the simple life. Living off the land. Living within your means. Organic products. Farming and enjoying nature.

So, one day Ivy and I went and purchased a few chickens, chicks and one rooster. We set them up in the coop and watched them for quite some time. I have explained to Ivy how a little chick is born, and that they grow inside of eggs. We have fresh eggs everyday. I've also explained how to tell if an egg is 'good' for eating.. and how to get away from the chickens if they bother us while trying to gather eggs. "Shoo! Shoo!" We tested our idea a few times.

So, we're waiting for the perfect egg to watch hatch. We are even take a few into our classroom and place them into and incubator to watch hatch in our classroom. (Keep an eye out for that!)

Until the perfect egg arrives we'll enjoy their company and eggs!

Welcome home!


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