Friday, May 25, 2012

The Sea & The Countryside - Moving Day!

                         The Sea & The Countryside 

One afternoon I had been sitting in the house with a cup of tea and a little real estate catalog. I love to window shop.. or should I say house shop? We'd been in the market for a new hour for little while. I wasn't really in high hopes of finding anything when I saw it. The perfect little cottage up on a hill. It was victorian ( my favorite style! ) it had a lighthouse in the front yard, a barn, acres of land, a lake, and a veggie garden. I was SOLD. I called my real estate agent up that moment and booked a time to see the house that weekend. That Saturday Ivy and I went to see the house along with our neighbors. We were sold the minute we saw the house. Luckily enough just about a 1/2 mile away there was another cottage for sale. Our dear friend decided to come with us. We both put in offers on the houses and heard back the next day. They accepted! We were moving! 
Moving day came and went. It was exhausting but I managed to snap a few photo's from the day. I hope you enjoy! 


The Car was packed tight!

Our Home 
Hadlee's Home

Hadlee's Home

Our Living Room

The small stairwell there leads to my classroom. Each girl has a small hook with a jacket, basket and a coinciding little house on the right for their belongings.

                                                        Our Classroom

Circle time and rest area. You can see one of our peacocks in the front yard.

The reading area, with bunk to look into our fish tank that shares a kitchen wall. Art Center and "What we're learning wall"

Part of the science center and work/lunch table.

We're missing a few pictures of all our classroom pets..if you turn around in this photo you'd see a whole shelf with pets! Tadpoles, hamster, lizards, fish, a dirt table, water table and posters of feathers, butterflies and insects!
                                       Our Kitchen and Dining Room

Our kitchen with the out small pantry. Built in fish tank for easy viewing of the classroom.

Kitchen view, and pantry.

Our Staircase

Stairwell and hallway. Also, Ivy's shelf. (aka Mommy's memory shelf!) Entrance to the bathroom and my bedroom.

Our Bathroom

Tub Time! 

A little laundry as well.

                                                        Ivy's Bedroom

Little prima ballerina bedroom.

Her crib

                                                       Our Craft Room

Out little sewing room with access to the studio

Our Ballet & Music Studio

Our piano, violin, and guitar. Music lessons.

Ivy's ballet studio. I also dance up here with her. We both like to keep up with out ballet. 

My Bedroom

My safe haven. The view out the window is of the lighthouse. The lighthouse on the wall is of one that is near me in RL. Very special to me <3


                          Our Yard & Neighbors Home

Our Driveway

Our Driveway

Our Driveway

Our front yard

Our front yard
Our little theatre behind the house

Just down the driveway

Down the road
Headed down the road

The Adored Family Home 

Stone Bridge

The Lake
Water leading to the lake

The Lake

The Lake
The Lake

The Barn, Garden and Fishing Hole

The Barn

The Chicken Coop

The Fishing Hole

The Veggie Patch

The Veggie Patch

                                               Overhead & Aerial Shots

Thank you for stepping into a bit of our lives. As the ocean tide ebbs and flows so do the things in our homes and surroundings..
Maybe you'll visit us soon!


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