Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dying hair!

                                                       Hair Dying!

     You all have known me only as a red head. It's been a long, gosh.. 6 years just about. I've been dying my hair for as long as I can remember. Ivy has grown up quite a bit and it seems she inherited my blonde hair genes.. my natural color. I decided I'd dye my hair back to the color God gave me.
     So, one rainy afternoon we were looking for something to do. We hopped in the car and ran to the store for some dye. It's been so long it was hard for me to remember what tone I really was. I picked a lighter tone. I remember when I was younger it used to be so light, just like Ivy's is. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was little. Ivy had asked me a few questions about how it worked and wondered if she could have pink hair. I laughed.. and then though to my self - "You know, we could use kool aid, it would just be temporary." So, I caved. I told her we could try it and dye with kool aid. So, I bought a box of cherry kool aid one of blue raspberry. She wanted to try pink for her favorite color and blue for mine!
This afternoon was going to be a mess.. but it should be a little adventure for the two of us.

Washing the dye out. It's already lighter! Ivy was supervising
Almost ready!

Blow drying it..look how blonde it is! 

Viola! I'm a blonde! 

Now it was Ivy's turn. I mixed two pitchers of kool-aid one cherry and one blue raspberry. I'd never done this before. This was going to get interesting. I dipped her hair into the kool and and let it sit in her hair and wrapped it in tin foil. Hoping it would do the trick. After it sat for quite a while I took the foil off and rinsed her hair out. To my surprise it had actually worked! Ivy was so happy with her 'rainbow' hair!

Unsure if this is even going to work.. 

Blow dying it ~ Oh my gosh, it worked! She was so happy! 

One happy rainbow hair girl!


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