Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Gypsy's

                                                      Little Gypsy's 

Once upon a time..

             There was little girl, her Mother and her very good friend. While playing one rainy afternoon, one of the little girls found a tambourine in the toy chest and asked her Mother what it was. She explained that it was a tambourine and it played beautiful music that gypsy's played. 
   The smaller of the two girls asked "What's a sispy, Mommy?"
   While trying to hold back a gentle laugh at her sweet pronunciation she replied "No, no sweetheart. a gypsy"
   "Ohh.. gypsy.. what's that, Mommy?"
Inhaling while trying to think of the best way to explain this to two little curious minds.. "Well, gypsy's were magical traveling people from eastern Europe. That's far over the ocean from us.." 
The Mother began to gentle play the tambourine and dance around the room singing and dancing for the girls and.the next they knew they were standing on the edge of a beautiful gypsy cart... and so their adventure began..

How did we get here?!
They were amazed at what they saw..the cart, and the roaring campfire.. the bells heard jingling that adorned the women walking about the caravan's. They each took a moment to gaze around the crowd before they noticed.. THEY were gypsy's too! They had on beautiful silks, adorned in the finest jewelry and they were a part of a gypsy family! How did this even happen? Was it the tambourine back at home in the playroom? 

Hangin' round!

The girls decided to then explore the camp and introduce themselves to the people they seemed to live with.
Little gypsy Giselle
They went into their cart and found they had a table with a large round ball on it. One of the girls asked.. what's that?
"This tells your fortune.. the future.. I'm not sure how it works though.."
They all gazed into the magic ball.. only one ltitle girl seemed to get it work.. the older brunette, Giselle. 
Trying to see your future..
Giselle gazed into the ball and told the Mother that she would soon meet a hairy man! 
The Mother roared with laughter and dismissed her meeting a bearded man. However, with looking out into the band of people outdoors.. maybe she wasn't so far off..

You will meet a hairy man!
What do these cards do?

No way jose! 

Just when the girls were enjoying their time at camp.. the sun had set and it was time to lay down for a nice rest upon the window bench in the cart.. 

Just as soon as the girls landed in the foreign dream.. they were back in the playroom again.
  They all looked at each other with expressionless faces. What had just happened? There was magic that day in the playroom... maybe they will find their way back to the magical land again, or perhaps another magical land awaits them hidden in the playroom.. one can never tell...


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