Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

                                                     Mother's Day 2012

This was my first Mother's Day in second life. I wasn't sure what to expect.. all I did know was that I was one very blessed Mother. I had first become a Mother in second life in November of 2011. I have been blessed with amazing people in my SL life. It has been a busy weekend for us.. and I had come home one afternoon and walked into the house and saw this big surprise! Ivy had balloons everywhere, a banner in the doorway to the kitchen! She told me we were going to grill ( Of course I have to run the grill, little hands can't do that just yet! ) I couldn't believe this big surprise. I was overwhelmed. I felt so very loved and so very special. 

Surprise, Mommy!

 I couldn't help but just pick her up and squeeze her. I was overjoyed.
I love you! 
 So, we headed out doors and I started up the grill. We had some steak, peppers, onions (none for Ivy, she is allergic!) and summer squash.
Grilling kabobs
 They smelled so delicious when they were on the grill!

 When they were done cooking, of course I had to taste test them first. (Mommy's always have to, just like we have to help when the ice cream is dripping off the cone. We're good at that *wink* )

Taste Test. Mommy's always have to taste first *first* right?
 I handed Ivy a kabob with peppers, steak, and summer squash. No onions for my little miss. She loved them! I was surprised. She can be a bit of a picky eater. She ended up eating about half of it, I was certainly impressed!


After we were done eating we had a a fair amount of leftovers. I went and tucked them away in the fridge in some tupperware. Ivy ran to the table and showed me a whole platter of macaroon's! We had a blast picking out cookies and trying all of the different fillings! They were absolutely delicious! 

 After we washed all of the sugary goodness off our fingers, Ivy was running to the doorway telling me to follow her. I opened the door and she went flying down over the hill towards the garden area. We got down to the green house and I saw little green sprigs coming up from the dirt. She had planted me new flowers! I couldn't believe it! She picked out the most beautiful flowers for me. I was so impressed with all of her hard work.

New plants!
She told me I still had more presents to open. I had MORE than what I had already been given. I was shocked and feeling so loved. So, we ran up to the house. She told me to wait at the table and went upstairs to her room and came down carrying a small orange and white kitten! One of our cats had run away when we moved here.. so I had been feeling a bit sad with the loss. I couldn't believe it! We have a new kitty!
A brand new kitty!

She happily pushed a small box across the table towards me and my little kitty. I opened it carefully and inside was a beautiful watch! I had needed a new one for quite some time. I'd gotten my old one a bit dirty from gardening and lots of work in the barn. This one was stunning. I would be sure not to wear this in the barn - ever.
New Watch!

and finally the present that brought tears to my eyes.. a home made photo quilt! All photo's of Ivy and I together!
Homemade photo quilt!
 With that.. I am one *very* blessed woman. I couldn't ask for a better daughter. I'd like to thank my little girl for giving me the chance to be a Mommy.. So ~ Thank you for calling me, Mommy. I love you my little treasure! You're the sun in my sky, and the stars on a cloudy night, the rainbow on a rainy day, and the gem in my heart.


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  1. You are the BEST Mommy for me! and my best friend! its so hard to show you with gifts and word just how important you are to me, and how much i appreciate everything you have done for me! Happy Mother's Day! I love you! <3