Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easter 2012

The Easter bunny is coming, the Easter bunny is coming! 

This spring has been so wonderful! 

Before the bunny paid a visit to our house we had to take some family Easter pictures! 

                                                           Look who we found!

After out Easter photo's we had to paint Easter eggs. You can't have Easter without a little egg painting. So, Ivy, Elias, Giselle and, I all painted together! 

Look at the big mess we made!

                                                              This is hard work!

Look how beautiful they are!

Working Hard

Almost, done!

So, beautiful! 

Look, Mommy!

After we painted eggs.. it was time to hunt for the hidden eggs in the garden!

I had set out some presents for Cady, Ivy, Giselle and, Darla. (They weren't all able to be there at the same time.. so we had two Easters! Lucky me!)

We hunted for eggs for quite a while. They got a little tired so I pulled Ivy and Giselle in the wagon and they looked for eggs along the way!

Look, Mommy! I found one!
Tired girls

After we were finished hunting we sat down to open their eggs and had an Easter story.
They each got a Princess crown! Ivy got a kitty ( Just like her RL kitty!) and they also all got a special net, called a happiness catcher. For those times when they miss Mommy, Daddy or each other, they can take that net out. Sometimes the net catches wishing stars!

Ivy and her presents

Gissy and her happiness catcher!

                      They were so tired ( so was I! ) We had worked so hard all day. Story time was perfect in the garden. They snuggled in with their new kitties and listened to an Easter story.

Story time
Story time

Giselle and her kitty, Frida. ( Just like her RL kitty too!)

          Easter was beautiful this year. I hope to have many more like it with these beautiful little girls!


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  1. These were some fun memories! i'm so glad i got to egg decorate and hunt with Giselle, and Elias stopped by to play and make his eggs too! I love so much that you spent so much time making this special for everyone involved!