Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive
One lazy Sunday evening the girls and I were sitting around the table at my house.We had just finished dinner and we were a little bored. I thought maybe we could for a little sunday drive in my old pick up. (Ivy is not a fan of my old truck! Although, she's come in handy many times!) 
So, off we went for a drive!

Singing tunes in the car

We took a minute and stopped on the bridge and I let Giselle sit in the back of the truck and look around.
( She was safe, Kara -- I promise! )

 We drove around the entire local area and ended up where our herd of cows were crossing the road. We hopped out and spent some time in the barn that evening.

                                                      Thanks for riding with us!


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  1. You really love that old truck! I think the loud engine noises scared the cows though, hehe!