Saturday, May 19, 2012

Winter Camp 2012 -- parents night

    This week has been dragging. I've managed to clean the house from top to bottom. Sort through some old toys (sshh, don't tell the girls!) organize the closets, and catch up on all of my shows, start some new sewing projects and generally relax. 

I'd been looking at the circled date on the calendar all week -- Parent Night! 

Previously during the week I had sent the girls each a package with some little gifts inside, a picture and a letter.
Missing you!
The night finally had come. I got dressed up to go and see my girls at camp! ( My little Cady wasn't able to be online for parents night )

I finally got to squeeze my little girl, give her a bath, rock her to sleep and gently tuck her in! It's been so long, we were both so happy! I brought her a little mobile that plays our favorite goodnight song "baby mine" and left it on her bunk for her. 
Rest your head close to my heart.

It was a wonderful evening ( missing my little Cadybug! :( ) filled with lots of snuggles and happy tears!


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  1. This was one of my favorite memories of camp, we didn't even leave the cabin, we just sat and snuggled, than i asked if you could give me my bath before it was lights out, and then you rocked me to sleep.. i pretended to be asleep when you left, but i cried.. i think you heard me on your way out.