Monday, August 20, 2012

Beauty Sleepover

Beauty Sleepover

  Last night my little friend, Maelie came over for a visit and sleepover. She had not been over to the house for a while and I was more than happy to have her! We were thinking "What can we do, what can we do?" It was evening and starting to get dark so outdoor play wasn't going to be an option for long. Then it hit me. Makeover time! This is something I love to do. I asked her if she'd like me to paint her nails. She said "Yahh! Pink!" So we went into the living room and sat on the floor. My Little Pony was on the TV behind us and I started to paint her little teeny tiny nails. She then expressed she would like 6 white polka dots on each nail. How cute were these going to be?! 

As I finished up one hand, I asked her to blow on her nails and reminded her she can't touch anything or they will smudge. She told me "I canned do that" She sat there very still and blew on her nails while I worked on her other hand. They looked so pretty all pink! I held her hands up for her "Look, Mae! Perfect pink nails!" She was so excited. I reached for one hand and gently dabbed my fingertips on each nail to make sure they were dry and ready for the white dots. I used a small toothpick to gently dot each nail with 6 white polka dots! 
She held them up proudly and I took a picture with my cell phone. We decided I should send it to her Mother, Bella. I quickly sent her the text, and her reply was that they were "Beautiful!" 

Picture message to Bella

Next it was my turn to do the same thing. Maelie said because my nails are bigger, I should have 10 dots!

I quickly painted my nails as she watched some TV. Then we both held our hands and squeaked how pretty they were. We had matching princess nails! 

While I had been painting my nails I mentioned to her we could wear some beauty masks. I had done this at camp and Mae had been there for it. She asked me "The chocolate kind?" It sure was! We raced into the kitchen and I set her up on the countertop and was going to paint the mask on her face. I took out a small bowl of fruit for a 'lil snack for us too.. and who knows maybe an eye mask or two.

At first I just dabbed a little of the mask on her nose with a small makeup brush. She laughed and tried to lick it off. She was pretty cute sitting up there. Then, I drew an M and a G on each cheek for her name. She laughed because it tickled her so. I finally finished up her face and next was me..
She said she wanted to paint my face for me.. so, I handed over the brush shut my eyes and leaned forward. It was hard trying to hold still. She tried to draw me a heart on my cheek and laughed while trying. She told me we were going to be the most beautiful girls. 
Finally, we were covered. We had to wait for the masks to dry before we could take them off. So.. why not dance? I helped her down off the counter and raced her into the living room. Turning on the radio and turned the volume way up. We danced quite a bit in the living room and laughed harder than I have in a long time. She told me "You got moves!" 

My mask was starting to really dry now. It gets that itchy tight feeling, y'know? You girls know for sure! I stopped our little dancing and grabbed some little cucumber slices for our eyes. She asked me why we had to do this. I explained that it's nice and cool for our eyes and helps our skin look beautiful. We took a quick silly picture and took them off and headed to the kitchen to get the masks off.

I carried her into the kitchen and set her carefully in the sink. She told me she wanted to try to peel it off herself ~ I explained to her previously that you can peel them yourself sometimes. It was almost like peeling glue off your hands when it dries. I knew that would get her attention. She did a pretty good job on her own. She got it nearly all peeled off. I used a soft damp cloth to wash her face off. While she had been working on getting her mask off, I peeled mine and washed my own face a bit with a cloth. 

We had settled back into the living room when I heard the doorbell ring "Helllooo?!" It was my sister and my little niece, Giselle. I ran to the door and let them in. They had been out on a walk and decided to drop in for a visit. I explained to them what Mae and I had been up to and that she was going to sleep over for the night. I invited them as well. They were both really exited about the idea. So they ran down over the hill, over the bridge and to their house to grab sleeping bags and pj's. Maelie and I got some cookies out and and I let her watch some MLP on tv while we waited. We had both had a few cookies in our belly now, I thought we'd better save a few for my sis and Gissy. I stood up and looked out the window.. it had started to rain again. This is the bugger about living on an island in the ocean - rain. It really likes to storm out here. So, I send a quick text to my sis "You two fashionista's okay down there?" She I am sure, laughed. She called be back and explained she was driving back to the house and the car was packed up. (I missed all of these photo's..darn it! I don't like when I miss them!) We saw them pull in the driveway and I yelled for them to come indoors. Mae and I had already set up two sleeping bags on the living room floor and rolled them out. Now with two more people sleeping here, I'd  have to push the couch back and the table. I pushed the couch back against the entryway to the classroom, and tucked the table along with it. 

Just as soon as I mentioned to both of them - "You can use my room, or Ivy's to change if you like" Giselle had jumped over the couch and hidden in the stairwell to change. We all chuckled, and Kara headed upstairs to change. 

While Giselle was changing I asked her how she was going to get back over the couch.. she laughed and said "Umm.. I haven't gotten that far." Then retorted with "Oh, I will go out the classroom door and around and come in the front" 

Well, if you were with us the last time it had rained at night.. Giselle ran outdoors to play in it and slipped down the hill and hurt her ankle. 

"No, no. I will help you over the top, I don't want you walking outdoors at night with that slippery grass. I don't want you to fall, okay?"

She wasn't happy with my answer. 

"Don't talk to me, don't listen to me and don't talk to ME!" Giselle wasn't pleased.

At this point, Kara had some down the stairs "Giselle Elizabeth Adored. Who are you talking to like that, I sure hope not Auntie Meg" 

I quietly explained what had happened earlier.. They went outdoors in search of a slipper and upon their return Gissy had an apology for me and I explained to her that I want to keep her safe when she's at my house, or anywhere. That I love her very much and I was scared that she was going to get hurt or fall down. I can't keep her safe if I can't see her, especially at night time. 

We all set up for the night and I pulled out a brand new book that I'd not read yet. The girls were curled up in their sleeping bags for a good bedtime story. Even Pickles came around to hear it. 

Squish Bunny
After the story I was nearly falling asleep myself. We all snuggled into our sleeping bags and said our goodnights. The rain continued to pitter patter outdoors on the deck. What a way to end the day.

Goodnight, Moon
Goodnight from the Hadlee House

Cleaning House

                                                     Cleaning House

Well, I've made it pretty far since my last update. I've been keeping fairly busy these days. I've gone on a few day trips - and left my camera at home. (I hate when I do that!) Well, Ivy is due home in about 5 days now. I figured I should give the house a big overhaul before she gets home. Get all of the little fingerprints, goldfish cracker crumbs, hair ties, dolls and such all picked up and clean before she gets home - only to give me those 'lil crumbs and prints all over again. Can't believe I am saying this but.. I miss those little crumbs and her tiny fingerprints on the windows.

So.. I started at the front entryway. I opened the door and swept all of the dirt out. Tidy'd up the rug, took it outdoors and shook it. Watered all of the plants, dusted the frames and washed my barn boots and tucked them back in place.

Sweep the dirt out the front door!
Tidy, Tidy, Tidy!

Next up was the living room. I had to pick up the floor cushions, and the board games. I laid them both on the sofa, and a chair. Our cat, pickles is terrified of the vacuum. You can see him, if you look closely. He's on the mantel hiding from the noise. He managed to get up there via, the TV an then knocked over a vase of dried flowers. Little bugger!

Note: Pickles up on the mantle! 

I leaned the vacuum against the wall for now and grabbed a cloth and spray bottle - time to window wash! We need to be able to see the lighthouse from the living room! It's one of my favorite things about where we live. I had lots of little fingertips to wash off, some likely from my nieces Giselle, and Darla as well.

After the living room, I swept the dining room and tossed the table cloth at the base of the stairs to take up with me to toss in the laundry. I needed to mop the kitchen floor. First, I swept up. Had to get under the cupboards edge.. that's where the cracker crumbs like to hide. Lost elastics and little toy pieces.

I turned on the faucet and let the water fill up the bucket and ran back to the living room and turned up the radio I set out on the top of the TV. I needed to hear some tunes while I did all of this cleaning business!

Whistle while you work? Heck no, SING while you work! 
While I let the floor dry in the kitchen I ran the table cloth upstairs and tossed it in the laundry along with some dish towels, the top I was wearing and other little things I found downstairs. (I needed a new top(it's hot and sweaty doing all this work!), I had some clean in the laundry room!)

The dreaded task has come. You all dread this. Don't lie.. the litterbox. NO ONE wants to clean this. Nope, not anyone.

Here goes nothing. We have two cats and a little ferret who all use it. I plugged my nose and did the deed, cleaned up all the poo.

Plugging my nose.. here goes nothin'. 

Ugh, so much poo! 

All done! No more poo, clean litter! WHEW! What a job! 

While I had been sitting, gagging and trying to clean the litter box, the laundry had finished and I swapped over the wet things into the dryer and took out the dry to fold. I stood there folding Ivy's little dresses and my big sweatshirts. Thinking.. one day she will grow. I can't imagine her ever fitting into a shirt like mine.. alas one day it will come. She's already been to overnight camp twice this summer. It doesn't seem possible she is this big already. I remember the day she was born. She was so tiny.. the years have really flown by.. I sat there in thought and dream until I was through the laundry.

One last room that really needed cleaning was - Ivy's. I dragged the vacuum upstairs and started with vacuum her pretty rug. Lots of little hairs from her ferret and her kitty, Muffin.

Last but not least.. I put on some clean sheets into her crib for when she returns home.

Nothing feels better than clean sheets!
I was exhausted after this. I still had the craft room, ballet studio and classroom to do. Maybe another day. I still have a few more until she comes home. I was able to get the 'vital' area's of the house done. That in it'self is pretty darn good in my book.

I hope you enjoyed cleaning my house with me .. maybe. At least you didn't have to clean yours, right?


While the cat is away..

While the cat is away.. 

      The mouse will play, right?

    In some cases, yes. In this Mommy's case ~ no. Some of you may know, some of you may not. My little girl Ivy went away to camp again for a few weeks this summer. (Also known as - RL vacation, ssh!) I thought perhaps that maybe I could get some much needed work done while she was away, lesson plans, store stuff, etc. It is a good time to do it - so I thought.

I started off my first day with some lounging. I thought  "Hmm.. this is nice. It's quiet, I think I will go lay by the pool and try to get some color." I took out a book, and some sunscreen and layed poolside. I could hear our whale breaching every now and then over the edge of the cliff. The birds were chirping, sun shining, a perfect afternoon, really. Well.. it didn't last too long. It was odd without my little girl with me. Too quiet.. so I got up and went back inside. I puttered around the house, did some dishes, read in my book. The house was silent.

The days seemed to go by so slow. I did various things trying to keep myself entertained and not dwelling on the absence of my little girl.

I, of course always had barn chores to do. Getting up around 5 am every morning and driving the old truck down to the barn. I picked up some fresh hay for the horses, mucked stalls, and found the pasture gate had been broken and a few of the cattle were in the roadway. Thankfully, we live far out in the country. The only other home that is within in a mile is just my sister. They were safe on the roads here. It was a task in it'self to try to get them all back into the pasture. After a few hours, I did get them all back in safely and managed to repair the broken fence. I headed back home for the afternoon. I made some fresh tea, and curled up with a book and read into the late evening and turned in early for sleep.

The days seemed to go by so slowly. One afternoon I sat at the kitchen table and paid some bills, there was a big storm brewing outdoors. The rain was really hitting the windows and the sky was getting rather dark. All I could think about was our hurricane, Ida. That storm was awful, and I prayed to God that Ivy was safe and out of the storm's way. After getting all of the bills paid, and a few more items ordered for the farm; I decided to read the paper and sip on some espresso. It was a good afternoon for it after all. I had, had some tentative plans to ride that afternoon.. but alas the rain came and the horses got a break from me.

I managed to keep fairly busy most of the time. However, there are a few time where I sat down and tried to use the laptop. Maybe I could get a little 'third life' in. I sat on the lounge in my room and just stared at the laptop screen. The log in screen stared at me.. but no drive to play. I should want to right? No kids at home calling to me "Mommy!, Mommy?!, MOMMMY!" no My Little Pony playing on the TV (which I miss) .. I sat and thought. I miss my little girl. This is hard on a Mom. You think it's going to be a big break.. well, it's not. I miss her. She's another part of me and to have her gone just doesn't feel right. I suppose you other Mum's out there understand this, yeah?

As the time passes I am sure I will find some things to do. Visit with my sister, I may take a few day trips.. until then, I pray your days are beautiful and your nights are serene.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Rising Stars Dance Recital

Rising Stars Dance Recital 
Shortly after we returned home from camp Ivy's dance school had their end of semester dance recital! 
My sister Kara and I and my niece Giselle went to support her. We even managed to get front row seats!

There's my Ivy!

My pretty girl!

Watching the kids dance and show all that they have learned throughout the semester was a blast! They all worked so very hard on the sets and costumes. I'm so proud of my little dancer!


Welcome Home from Camp Hardknock!

Welcome Home! 

Home sweet home. Nothing compares to the feeling you get after being away from home and finally sitting down in your own home. While being away at camp was so much fun, it really does feel good to be home. 
It took us a while to finally unpack and do all those loads of laundry! 
We both ended up coming home with an award! Ivy got the best bunk for her cabin and I received the best overall counselor award! We both had a great time at camp and came home with some amazing memories and friendships. 

Here's a video of summer camp!
 Camp Hardknock Summer 2012

I hope to see you all at Winter Camp 2013!