Saturday, May 19, 2012

Encore!, Encore!

                                          Encore, Encore!  
When the girls came home from camp they were filled with so many stories. I heard about so many adventures. 
   One night while we were visiting with our neighbors ~ Kara, and Giselle - the girls got to telling us about the talent show they had at camp. Kara and I were both saddened that we missed it. So, after just a pinch of convincing (really, we just asked once.. and they were elated!) they said they would preform the show they did at camp! 
   So, I made a quick run to the store for some roses for the girls as a surprise while Kara supervised the girls as they set up things on the stage. 

  A short time later, it was show time! Kara and I sat patiently awaiting the girls to come out from backstage.
Patiently awaiting the show!

Giselle came out first to explain a bit of what they were going to preform. She said she was a chef and going to cook a 'fancy meal' for us.

Next came out Ivy.. and she was dressed as a crab! We knew this was going to be funny!
Look at the baby crab!

Next, the chase began! The chef and the crab chased each other around the stage for a few minutes. Kara and I were in a fit of giggles! 
Oh my gosh!

Finally, the Chef caught the crab!


The girls told us that they were trying to be like this: 

We were *so* proud of them! We laughed with them for a few minutes. They did such a great job!
Then Giselle stops us and tells us there will be another act! We sat back down and readied ourselves for act 2.
Our beautiful MC, Giselle!

Giselle sang us a beautiful song. She sang so beautifully! She is so brave for singing up there all alone. I know I couldn't do it!
Gissy singing to us.

Next up was Ivy. She decided to show off her ballet skills.. she did a beautiful dance for us, and in costume! 
My Prima Ballerina!

Beautiful Ballerina!
We got up and cheered for them both.. but Ivy ran off stage.. and to our surprise they both ran back out.. and did this...

Rocker Girls! 

Jammin' out! 
We stood up and cheered for them after this.. we were so proud! We wanted an encore!

Encore!, Encore!

After the show we gave the girls roses and posed for pictures. We couldn't be more proud of our little performers! 

Kara and Giselle 

Ivy and I 


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  1. This was SOOOOO MUCH FUN!! i'm really glad we got to do it again for you! Our preformance of it at camp, literally lasted 30 seconds and no one really got to see it! but it made it so special that Giselle and i got to preform it again for Miss Kara and You! and then add some of our own special things in after!