Sunday, July 8, 2012

We're going to camp! Day one at Camp HK 2012

                                      CAMP! CAMP! CAMP! 

It's HERE! The day we've all been waiting for! Camp day! Time to head off to camp for the week! We look forward to this day all year long. This is my first year as a counselor as well! I'm a bit more excited this year! I usually have to kiss my baby goodbye for a whole week. This year I feel lucky and blessed to be able to be a counselor at camp. However, because I am a counselor at camp this year, I had to leave before Ivy did. I left her with my sister and two nieces to go to camp. I took about two hours earlier than they did. I had to be there to help kids check in, get through security and head off to camp. I arrived and we had a short meeting about who was going to go where and what duties we had. I along with Lexi, another counselor - had to give out tickets and check in each child as they came to the counter. There were so many children this year! They all arrived with parents to the marina, gave kisses and hugs and headed into line.

Me, Dixxie and Lexi awaiting the kids! 

The empty marina

Lobby of the marina

Camp Hardknock Marina! 

Security! with large candy piles.. we take all candy! >:) 

Hand in your boarding passes! 

The tunnel...

GASP! What is this?! How are you getting to camp?!

Hmm... by submarine maybe?! 

Here come the kids! Boys cabin goes first! 
Ivy has shared some her photo's of the journey on the way to camp! Here are photo's from her cabin's trip!

My 3 favorite diva's 

Two of my lil 'lalaphants!

 My sister loaded up her car and headed off with the girls!

Sis, with Ivy

Ivy in her carseat

Sis, Gissy & Ivy

Goodbye, house! 
 They finally arrived at the marina - Darla and her Mom, Grazia and Dad, Don were already there. I was standing back on the platform waiting to give them big hugs before they left for camp. They had no idea they were about to board a submarine!

Hugs goodbye!

About to squeeze my baby!

Time to go! 

 They all got their tickets and headed in to pass through security!

 Note the large amount of candy behind the security desk!

Uh oh! Darla had too much candy! beep, beep! 

Passing in the tunnel to the sub!

Jill had them all buckled in safely and they were about to head off!

They hadn't been on the sub long when... there was a crack in the glass and the water began to leak INSIDE!

It was time to evacuate! 

They managed to get to shore and come out on a dock. 

The walked up a large set of stairs to find a big field where all of the camp cabins would be!

They had a small walk to her cabin. She is in Cabin 5 - The pink 'lalaphants!

The girls arriving! 

They had to find their assigned bunks. 

Ivy found hers and started to unpack 

Lounging in her new bunk! With .. her sloth she snuck in from home!

Lounging girls!

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to camp this year! I will be blogging each and every day of camp!

You are welcome to find me here at camp should you need anything! I pray you all make new friends, try something new and generally have the time of your life!


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