Sunday, July 1, 2012

Camp Hardknock Summer 2012 ~ Sign ups!

Camp Hardknock Summer 2012 ~ Sign ups

Every year, twice a year - there is a camp held by Jill Gilman(Caldera) & Gattz Gilman. They have it in the summer and in the winter. They put a lot into camp for the children and families in the community. It's realistic, fun, creative and a wonderful way for the family community to come together to make memories, friendships and grow together as a whole. With that said -- sign up day is very hectic and a bit stressful for anyone trying to get into camp - as there are limited spots for camp. So in an effort to lag less - we remove all prims, clothing, HUD's and attachments. Ivy made us a beautiful pink skin with a pretty white bow on it! Hey, we still have to be fashionable! Along with pretty pink eyes. We stood on our building platform and danced until the landmark had been given out for us to rush and try to sign her and my nieces up for camp! My Sis and I wore the fun skins as well! 

Ivy's bow! 
Let's boogie! 

Dance, Dance, Dance! 
I didn't manage to get into the registration sim, but Ivy did - and all of our friends managed to get signed up for camp! So, I do not have any photo's of the sign up sim for you to see! Please keep your eye out for more camp related posts! I will be blogging each day of camp ( once we get there! )
I am a counselor this year at camp! This is my first time as a counselor ~ although I have been there on my child avatar before. I am looking forward to being a counselor and meeting all of you! I hope to see you all at camp!


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