Sunday, July 1, 2012

Darla's dance recital ~ Graceful Elephant

Darla's Dance Recital 

My daughter, Ivy and my niece, Darla are both dancers at Rising Stars Dance Academy. This past week they had dance recital's. Darla has her recital and chose a very beautiful song (posted above) by Rachael Yamagata called - Elephants. She was very nervous before her performance. Ivy and I stood with her and watched the other dancers getting ready. Darla was quiet and working on her routine a bit behind the rows of chairs. 
I tried to give her a small pep talk before she went up on stage. I made sure her hair was straight and her elephant ears and nose were aligned just so. With a quick lil kiss to her cheek she was off to preform! Ivy and I scooted up front to get a better view. 
Darla up on stage

The End. 
After the show she came down to see us. We both gave her a big hug and gave her some pretty white roses we have picked up at the store. 

We are so proud of you Darla! You were beautiful on stage! We're so proud of you. 


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