Saturday, July 7, 2012

Packing for Camp Hardknock Summer 2012

Packing for Camp HK 2012

The long wait is finally over! It's time to pack up the car and get ready to leave for camp in the morning! Ivy wanted to pack her whole room. It was really hard for her to pick things to bring. She wanted to bring her kitties, her sloth, her toys.
We talked for a while about what she would be bringing - so many choices! So many special toys, blankies, stuffies and clothes. 

What to bring, what to bring.. hmm.
 All the toys!

We finally decided on... a *few* things.. The car was packed. My bags were stuffed, her bags were stuffed. Even the top of the car was packed! How we managed to make this the "absolutely necessary list" I don't know. Either way -- we're going to have an absolute blast this year at camp! This is also my first year a counselor!

Did we get it all?!
 We took a brief moment to squeeze in come cuddles before we shut the doors and lock it all inside!

Let's GO!

I can't wait for this camp this year. I hope it's a year for many new friendships, closer bonds, new adventures and personal growth. I hope you all take away something very special from camp and find your own peace and enjoyment!
  I can't wait to see you all!

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