Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Giselle!

                                                       Happy Birthday Giselle!

June 14, 2011 the day my sister, Kara adopted Giselle. We were out celebrating their one year anniversary as Mother and daughter. Which is also Giselle's "birthday". We all went out to dinner at the Starlight Pavilion  to celebrate this beautiful day!
It was a beautiful dinner followed by a delicious strawberry cake! We even sang Happy Birthday to her on voice! What a fun night! We celebrated small and with family. Kara, Giselle, Darla, myself and Ivy.
Yummy cake! 
Happy Birthday, Gissy! 

Family <3

Princess Ivy

Let us eat cake! 

Kara enjoying the cake! 
 I could not be happier for these two people. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have them both in my life. I will treasure you both forever. I admire you both. I wish you both so much love for another year together!
KaraLily Adored and Giselle Elizabeth Adored 
                                                           A few days later... 


                   The girls surprised Giselle with a sleepover!  

The Hotel
In front of the hotel! 

Going up! 
Going up to the penthouse!

Sleepover time! 

Sleepover time! 
Fashion Show! Sashay girls! Work it! 
Sloane, Darla, Giselle, Ivy & Chelsea
Darla, Giselle & Ivy


                                                     What's a sleepover without a makeover?!

Look at those beautiful girls! 
My 3 favorite little girls 
After makeovers - it's time for a good game of truth or dare! 

After all the games, makeovers and story telling .. the sugar sets in from all of the birthday cake..

Pink sparkly toots?!

 After lots of giggles, hugs, and fun ~ it was time to call it a night -- the princess' finally get some beauty rest.
Princess Ivy
Goodnight Birthday Princess Giselle! 
Sleeping Beauty

 I hope you had a blessed birthday sweet, Giselle! I love you very much and I pray that the next year will be filled with laughs, love and friendship.
                                                                            Meg / Auntie

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