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The Key to the Sea

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The Key to the Sea 

My sister Kara booked a cruise for our family to a small remote island in the tropics for Giselle's birthday, and their one year anniversary. Kara and Giselle went ahead of Ivy and I as we had a few small things to attend before we went to catch the boat. We took a quick plane ride to a small island where there was a boat waiting for us. Luckily, for me; I know how to sail. Ivy and I hopped on the boat and took off into the open water. It was a beautiful day for sailing, we even had our swim suits on! We arrived at the island after a few short hours on the open water. I was taken back by it's beauty. After staring at the scenery from the boat for what seemed an eternity - we gathered out bags and headed into the resort where we had our very own beach hut. We were met by the laughter of Giselle and my sister. Giselle had us put down our bags and ran to the shore line. She was excitedly talking about a gift her mother had given her. A small starfish. This wasn't any ordinary starfish either. She told me "It's the key to the sea, Auntie!" I wasn't sure what she meant by this. However, for those of you who do not know me - I am in love with the Ocean. I feel on a far deeper level than most. There's been a draw to it's wide open arms since I was a small girl. The way the waves crash, the creatures that call it home, the scent of it's salty perfume, the deep mystery that lies beneath it's cool, glossy waters. It's been an inspiration me entire life. I've never been away from the ocean. I'm not sure that there are words to describe the deep rooted emotions that the ocean gives me. Perhaps there's a reason why I am so drawn to it.. that, I may never know. However.. when Giselle told me she had 'The Key to the Sea' I knew this had to be something I would love. I watched her open her tiny hand that held a small starfish. She leaned down along the shore line and dipped the starfish into the water. She was whispering something under her breath. I watched her walk into the water, going further and further into it. "Giselle! Wait, sweetie" She wouldn't listen.. she kept going. I knew something was going on. I watched her with intent, as my sister did not move. She knew...

The Sand Castle.. the gate..


The boat we sailed in on.

I watched then as my sister walked to the water. They both stepped in. She also whispered something under her breath.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.. my little niece had the greatest really *was* the key to the sea.
They were changing before my very eyes.. their human legs grew together, fins grew where their toes once were, small fins sprouted from their arms, they became if possible.. even more radiant. They had an aura about them I'd never seen before. Then I heard it.. she sang. My sister sang in the most beautiful voice I'd ever heard. The song of the Siren's. She was a mermaid. How could this be? I'd only dreamt of this since I was a small child. Playing pretend in the swimming pool with my sister - and now this?  They motioned for us to come with them. I nudged Ivy to the shore line.. she looked back at me only once and I offered her an approving nod. She stepped her small toes into the water. Giselle whispered into her ear. Ivy spoke softly, and clearly. "I wish, I have the tail of a fish!"

I watched as the same pattern happened to my little girl. Her legs became one, her hair glowed with a beauty I'd never seen before, never such beauty on land. I was simply stunned. It was my turn. I watched them floating in the water. I had been waiting my whole life for something like this.. I thought I was dreaming. I stepped into the water's edge, closed my eyes and repeated the words "I wish, I wish.. to have the tail of a fish!" .. it happened so fast, I can hardly recall. I felt no pain, it was smooth. I looked down at myself, I had a soft blue tail, small glowing gills, scales all over me. I was a mermaid. It was all so ethereal.

It was strange at first- breathing under water was interesting. I had been trained for so long to hold my breath. After a few short moments I gained my self and followed my sister and the girls into the deep unknown.

First moments as a mermaid.
Ivy testing her sea legs

Giselle testing her sea legs

 We gained our bearings a moment. It was incredible to be able to swim, dive and somersault under the water. My sister then waved her arm and asked us to follow her. She led us through a tunnel under the water..

Where does this go..

 The swim through the tunnel wasn't too long, maybe 1/2 a mile on land. It brought us to a widen open.. 'sea field' it was incredible. The sea was singing to us. You could hear the whales serenade in the distance, the soft calls of the dolphin, the fish were swimming around us like small kittens that rub upon your legs as if they say 'Hello! Welcome home!" We were of the sea. This was home. Undersea Princess's.

The undersea Garden
My merbaby and I 

Above the gardens
dancing together

 We explored and danced throughout the garden for quite a while. It was so incredible. This has to be a dream. How and where did she come across this shell? How could our family be so blessed to have come into this. Perhaps, it was an old family heirloom.. I had to ask her privately after the girls went to sleep.
There was so much to see down here it was overwhelming..She led us through yet another long sea tunnel..

 After swimming through the 'sea highway' we came out into another garden. Giselle had been waiting for us there floating on a small bubble. There were two large shells.. and a movie screen of sorts, with small chairs. Perhaps this had fallen over board and the other merfolk tried to construct something from it.

We explored around some more before we were lead just off the side.. there was a fountain. This was unlike any fountain I'd seen on land. We were told it was the Queen of the Sea's fountain. She kept the underwater family safe. It was stunning. The construction, the detail, the way the water flowed around it.. nothing like I'd seen before. Everything down here was far more beautiful than up on land.

The Queen of the Sea

Kara and I 

My merbaby and I

 It was time to move on yet again, to find all this underwater world had to offer us. If we were give this unbelievable gift we had to see this beautiful world. I wanted to take it all in.

We saw something in the distance. Something was glowing, I couldn't make out what it was - but I was drawn to it. I needed to see it. We all did. We swam towards it as fast as we could. Stopping just short.. it was a crescent moon. Just then I recalled that mermaids worshiped the moon, I'd remembered that from my reading as a child. This was yet another sign that there were other merpeople around. We swam closer and stared at this beauty. It was such a beautiful statue.

The moon.

We laid upon the moon and looked up into the sky. We could still the see the afternoon sun twinkling down on the tops of the ocean's water. Laughing to myself in pure joy, I rolled off the top of the moon and did a quick somersault in the water. Playfully chasing after Ivy and grabbing her little tail. We played a game of tag that led us to something large and filled with mystery... a boat. A sunken ship.

There wasn't much left of the boat, or the sails.. it seemed it had been here for decades, maybe more. We tried to look in all of the nooks and crannies. I heard Kara yelling in the distance. "Guys! .. Come here!"

She had found a small cave.. it looked interesting. We all swam inside and couldn't believe our eyes..

The Cave

 It was what seemed a treasure room. There were so many things in here. Gold, silver, trunks, a harp, a small clam shell bed.. everything. This was incredible.

Ivy was the first to find the harp. She sat down and asked "Mommy, what's this?" while simultaneously plucking a few of the strings. It took my breath away. It was beautiful. She was gifted. All mermaids have a gift.. this was clearly her gift. She would be the most beautiful harp player. She was incredible. She was only 2 and played that of someone much older than even I.

My beautiful mermaid 

Mermaid Ivy

clam shell bed
clamshell bed

We explored and played with the undersea life for hours. I can't believe that this is happening to us, to our family. What an incredible gift Giselle has been given. The Key to the Sea. 

Riding a sea turtle

We looked for accessories for our hair all morning long ~ and came across some tridents.

Ivy was taming her sea horse while I looked for shells for my hair
Ivy found a beautiful pink seashell crown. Perhaps dropped by another small merchild

Ivy riding the sea turtle
Ivy riding the ray. He was so shy but seemed to take a liking to Ivy!

 I'm unsure how long we will keep our sea legs or if perhaps we will come and go..but all I do that that starfish holds the key.. The Key to the Sea....

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