Monday, July 9, 2012

Camp Hardknock Day 2

                                          Camp Hardknock Day 2! 

Well, day one is over! Setting up our bunks, greeting our cabin mates and exploring camp has begun! Camp this year is especially beautiful! This year we are in the woods! The woods are very near and dear to my heart. They hold so much for me, I could not be happier when I am in nature ~ so a very big thank you to Jill & Gattz for hosting camp in the woods!

I'll let these photo's of camp speak for themselves.

The Lighthouse. My favorite thing at camp. 

The Sauna. Perfect place for after cabin wars!

The Mess Hall

The Mess Hall

Arial Shot of the cabins

Cabin 5 - LalaPhants!

Counselor's Cabin! The S'mores!

There you have it. Beautiful Camp Hardknock Summer 2012! I have many photo's of campers, cabin wars, and tuck in's!

My first event was a Nature Walk and Identification Event! Learning how to survive in the woods and nature facts! All the campers who came were given two animal print ID cards, a compass, and a map! This was also an event they campers could earn a badge at!

Off we go! A huntin' we will go! Goin' on a bear hunt! 
After my event we had Cabin Wars! The counselors all sat up in the bleachers watching the kids until...

We decided it was time to DANCE!

This was the cabin war for that night!
After cabin wars ~ we had dinner and time to rest .. what better thing to do after resting than spending time in the Sauna! Even the boys came! They were quite thrilled to get mani's and pedi's .. and even get their 'hair did' We had a blast!

Finally.. it was time for sleep. My little flower found her way to my bunk at night! Time for shut eye! Goodnight Camp Hardknock! See you in the morning!


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