Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ivy's surprise rez day party! ~ Zombie invasion!

Happy Rez Day Ivy! 

Ivy's rez day was June 24th, 2008. We knew we wanted to give her a party  - as she has worked so hard for us - we wanted to be sure she was surprised and it would be something she would really love. If you know Ivy at all you know that she LOVES my little pony's and zombies. She's the perfect mix of girly girl and zombie shooting. So, we did not plan her rez day party ON her rez day. We planned it a few days later. We knew that would really surprise her! We teleported her into a skydome with a garden BBQ set up with pony characters, tents and a movie screen ready to go! She took a look around and found...

A dark cave.. what is in there?...

              Is it really.. could it be...

A pit filled with ZOMBIES! 
When we landed there were bags filled with guns, fog rolling in on the ground.. and odd, eerie sounds int he distance. We had to prepare. They were coming. Who other than Ivy would know what to do? She was our savior! She told us to gear up and start shooting! I didn't get a ton of photo's during the shooting because well.. we were too busy killing zombies!

The zombies start coming, and fast. We all took off and tried various weapons to try and kill them. Ivy was our sharp shooter and Tristan was the one with the fire. We tried our best and worked hard at getting rid of them!

Ivy the sharp shooter!
The heart gun! 
We used fire to try to get rid of them
Post fire.. they are STILL coming! 

 After the flames and fog lifted we got them all .... I think...

Look behind us! UH OH! There's ... one.. more... 

 After hours of zombie killing and simply trying to survive we worked up a hunger. We came out of the cave and headed to the BBQ and had some dinner. We then sat on the lil bubbles and talked for hours.

 I hope you had a beautiful birthday Ivy. I am so proud to be your Mother, and your friend. I am appreciative of everything you have done and will do in the future. You are so incredibly important to me in both RL and SL ~. I love you very much!

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