Sunday, July 1, 2012

Camp HK Auction & Cabin Assignments

Camp HK Auction & Cabin Assignments

Another fun part of getting ready to go off to Camp HK is the camp auction. They have panels set up for bidding on various items - such as a golden ticket to bring your parents to camp for a day, extra prims, picking your cabin color and many more! People usually hang around the sim and dance while they bid on items. The bidding ends in the late afternoon followed by the announcement of the cabins and the winners of the items set for auction. 

Auction Panels

Auction Panels

Stage for announcing

Here are some photo's from when the sim filled up with people ready to hear their cabins! It gets pretty laggy and slow because so many people are there! It's a fun afternoon!

Getting ready to hear what cabin they are in! 

and the winners are...

camp, camp, camp!

Cabin lists!

Camp is so close now! The cabin lists have been made, the colors picked and now the logo's are being started, songs being picked, bunks being mad --  it's almost here!


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