Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camp Hardknock Day 6!

Camp Hardknock Day 6! 

I can't believe it's day 6 of camp already. This week has gone by SO darn fast. I just can't believe it is going to come to an end and so soon. 
I had an event in the afternoon. We were beach combing to find sea shells, flowers and even starfish. I set up   some some beads, string and other craft supplies for the kids on a small table on the beach They had fun hunting around for all of the hidden items! 

 It was a blast to sit and craft together, I even made one!

Later on in the afternoon, Jesie made a big carnival for all the kids! She even set up a dunk tank with an RFL donation box! Come dunk the counselors and donate to RFL!

Miss Jill! 

Someone got her! In you go, Jill!
 That night's cabin wars were pretty interesting! It was a giant puzzle of the camp logo.. BUT all of the pieces were hidden all over the camp sims. The kids had to go down and hunt for them and bring them back up. The first team to put it together wins! The team that one that event was Cabin 5, the LalaPhants!

Cabin 5 - The Lalaphants
After cabin wars we had a huge game of "Let's Make a Deal" held by Miss Nevy. I had cabin 5 that night.. we all got ready and I read them a story called "Norman Phartafant" It seemed fitting to me because they were they pink 'lalaphants' The girls laughed and laughed about the elephant that tooted!

If you've never seen the game show "Let's Make a Deal" before it's for one.. hilarious. Everyone in the audience wears a silly, outrageous costume. You are called down front and offered a deal.. here is a blooper clip from the real show!

Nina & Addi are ready for the show!

My Ivy in the black dress, Giselle in the white and Darla on the bike!

Group shot!

Here's the stage

Jill and Nevy were having some issues that night. They kept animating for no reason! 
I was there as well and I had dressed up in my mermaid outfit! I snuck out a bit early that night and headed to bed. I bet everyone had a great time at the game. This is my favorite game at camp! I am SO glad they do that!


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