Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camp Hardknock Day 5!

Camp Hardknock Day 5! 
*Parents Day!*

The week has been moving along ~ and now we're finally to parents day! A day where you friends and family can come and visit you at camp for an hour. There is also a formal dance, or you can choose to play on the camp grounds. I took this time to get a little quality time in with my lil pink lalaphant. We've not really even seen each other this week at camp. It's been so darn busy! We decided we would snuggle up in my bunk and talk. Ivy had made me a teddy bear and drew me a picture! I found it waiting for me on my bunk!

Love my little flower! 


How I missed rocking my little baby.
 Later in the evening we decided we would go out on the water with our surf boards. We sat there and played in the water for quite a while. Watching the birds fly overhead ~ it was a very peaceful afternoon.

 After all of the parents had left and gone home ~ I thought it would be fun to have a little evening bike ride. I gathered up a few kids and we took off on our bikes!
Tonight, we ride! 
I wasn't able to gather up many pictures yesterday ~ but it was a fun day! I hope that you all had a lovely day as well!

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