Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camp Hardknock Day 3

Camp Hardknock Day 3

We're getting settled into camp now! It's day 3! Hopefully you have all been getting to know each other, have been finding your way around camp and going to all of the events offered! I woke early that morning. I decided that I would join Miss Honey for her early morning yoga event. It is the perfect thing to do before eating, before events, before anything. It offers relaxation, centering and focus for the day. I am so grateful she offers this event for us!


After Miss Honey's event I had to go and get ready for mine! I had a puzzle in the sky! The trick is -- that some of the pieces were phantom! Meaning you could fall through them and be caught by a large net! This puzzle had 8 levels to it and only became harder the further you moved through it! We had a blast doing the event. Many kids showed up and laughed with me as we all tried to finish and fell down to the net below!

Later on in the afternoon I went for a little walk around camp and came across the lake. In my previous posts you may have seen.. I adore mermaids.. and I may or may not have sea legs... I took one step into the lake and it happened.. again. I transformed. The Key to the Sea must have stuck with me from that fateful day. I sent out a message and called for others to join me in the deep blue depths. We all swam together and explored for quite a while and ended with a story about the deep blue sea!

Myself and my very own lil Ivy  ~ my merbaby!

Story time! 

Shortly after climbing out of the lake I got a message from Miss Honey and she needed some help watching these tall starships she made.. explode! Her event was called " Press your luck! " We had a blast waiting for them to explode! 

 A few of the kids and I thought we might try sky diving off the platform that the Starships were rezzed on. I did it! Even though I am terrified of heights ~ look at the view I had!

Hello, Camp! 
 This day has been pretty eventful so far! I had another event! Earlier in the week you probably saw - I had a   Nature Walk - This time I had a Nature Scavenger Hunt! I placed various nature items all around the sim. I gave the kids a map, compass and a bucket. I made sure they all were assigned a buddy to walk with. I asked them a few questions from my previous event. Especially about what happens when you see wildlife. What they didn't know was... I got a 'deer suit' I tried to sneak up on them in the 'costume' below! ( That's ME! ) I followed some of the kids around. Some of them screamed, some tried to touch the deer and some remembered my words. "I love you deer, but I can't touch you! You are so pretty!" I snuck back to the stage and awaited the campers return to show me all that they found! I then handed out badges! We had a blast! ( Even though I got stuck in the deer suit for hours! Ooops! )

 Next up!...

                                                            Cabin Wars! 

Cabin wars are always such a blast. This one was hilarious AND fun! They had to jump on trampolines into little dumpsters! It was so much fun to watch!

So ends another day at Camp Hardknock! It's been such a blast! While I've been sharing some photos, there are so many moments I have forgotten to snap a picture. I've been having too much fun! I'll try my best to take more to share with you! Although, I suppose if I forget to take them - it means Camp is pretty darn amazing ~ too much fun to slow down for a picture!
I hope you are all having a blast! If we've not met yet, if we've only talked briefly or we're good friends ~ please look for me at Camp! I'd love to get to know you *all* better! Look for Miss Meg Hadlee!


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