Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camp Hardknock Day 7!

Camp Hardknock Day 7

It's official we've been here at camp for a week! My first event of the day was "Silly Fashion Show" I had the kids all meet up in a skydome. I set up a catwalk and a table with myself as a judge and Miss Honey as another. I had 2-3 contestants up at a time. They were given a category and 5 minutes to prepare an outfit to wear. They walked down the runway and showed off their creations. Then all met at the end of the runway and the judges deliberated. This event was so much fun 

Honey and I

Work the runway!

Giving an example on posing at the end of the runway.

Darla went as Miss Jill! The category was she came out looking like Jill! 

Camp Category.. Miss Jill and a tree! 

The bath category.. Avenge comes out as a duck.

Bath category.. Tristan comes out IN the bath! 

Bath category.. Loochie comes out ready for a bath!

Diner time! Psyche comes out as Spaghetti! 

Giselle as a fork in a tutu! 

Animal category - Loochie as Beast from X-Men

Animals: Juniper as a Nyan cat herd! 

Animals : Arianna as a turkey! 
 After the kids were done..they decided that the counselors should have a turn. Giselle and Avenge sat at the judges table and gave us our category. Hairy. Hairy? Really, HAIRY?!

 Soo... Honey came out with HUGE hair.

 Afterwards we just messed around and acted silly on the runway until...

We made linden skins out of our inventory!

Me with  my beautiful 'do and Honey.. well, bald.

Later on in the evening we had the camp dance. It's a fun chance to get to dress up with everyone at camp and let loose!

Giving my lil Ivy a big squeeeeze! 

Dancin' with my baby! 

 After all of the events came a ceremony which is near and dear to my heart. Friendship Night. It's a beautiful night where we all come together and share our thoughts, emotions, and feelings we've all shared over the week. We gather outside of the cabins wearing special shirts, and carrying a candle. All walking in silence to the campfire. 

[18:28:06] Camp Fire: The fire grows as Meg Hadlee adds their flame to the fire

Friendship night is always so special. So many people give so many heartfelt speeches. I thought about giving one myself... but I didn't feel prepared enough. Maybe I will write out my speech I had in my head in a post soon. We were all so pumped after friendship night that cabin wars was pretty amazing! It was a triathlon! They kids did a GREAT job!

Finish Line!
 The camp awards and medals were given out!

 Since it was the last night at camp we all slept on the beach! I read a few stories.. one about toots.. one about Sleepy Kitties.. which I was supposed to read in an Russian accent.. but I wasn't able to do properly. I disappointed so many little kids.. I will brush up on it and get it right for next camp! Then, I read - Miss Rumphius one of my favorite books!

Goodnight, Moon.

 It was such a beautiful night. Waking to my lil Ivy sleeping in my sleeping bag, and feeling so very loved from friendship night.


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