Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camp Hardknock Day 4!

Camp Hardknock Day 4!

I can't believe we're in the middle of the week already. Honestly, it's making me a little bit sad. I personally, am a bit shy. It takes me a little bit to open ~ so just when I am getting comfy - it seems the week is almost over! So, anyway - mid week I scheduled an event that revolves around something that is extremely important in my life - horses. For those of  you who do not know; I run the Serendipity Saddle Club in SL. It is and equestrian school for kids. We move up in skill levels. At the end of each level there is a performance. So, I thought I would do a small event of trail riding and end with a story at camp. I couldn't bare to leave it out! I had a smaller group that afternoon. We talked about the 'gas', the 'breaks' and the 'blinkers' on a horse and some other safety tips. We all headed out to hit the camp trails! We had a really lovely time riding around camp - the lag monster was even kind to us! 

Here we go! 

We all had fun posing on the bridge! 
 During the trail ride a few of the girls had to run and get ready for the big dance off! This was an event that the kids had been working on for days. I LOVE seeing the sets, costumes and all of the dances the kids do!
Here are all of the sets! (All video credit goes to ~ Eric Garner! Thank you for all of your hard work, Eric!)

         Cabin 3 -- The Sunbursts! 
The Sunbursts! 

The Sunburts!
Next up was... Cabin 4 - The Chirpy Crickets! 

Next up was... : Cabin 1 - the Glow Bugs! 

Next up: ..
Cabin 6 - the Forest Fairies! 

 Next up: ...
                                Cabin 2- The Soaring Eagles! 

Next up..
Cabin 5 - The Lalaphants! 

I took a few pictures of this cabin as my little girl and two nieces were both pink lalaphants! 

My two beautiful nieces on the big lalaphant! 
My lil Ivy! 

I ended the night with a big hug from my favorite little pink lalaphant. I know I've had a beautiful time at camp thus far and, I can only hope you have as well! 
Again, if we've never met, only spoke briefly or already friends  ~ please find me at camp before the week is over! 


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