Monday, October 1, 2012

Serendipity Saddle Club

                                         Serendipity Saddle Club 

Serendipity Saddle Club

I've blogged about my equestrian center before - Serendipity Saddle Club. I've been running this for a little over a year now. It's a place for SL children to come and learn about horses and receive riding lessons. I only teach English seat riding. The children are taught grooming, stall care, general horse health, proper leading and how to ride with the various 3 gaits. They are taught how to properly mount and English saddle on a practice sawhorse before they actually get up on a horse. They will also learn jumping in other levels. My course runs 3 levels of riding. The beginner level the children are taught grooming, stall care, horse safety, and riding at a walk. The second level the children are refreshed with grooming and basic riding. They are also taught trotting, cantering and galloping in this level. They will learn more control while riding. The third level the children will learn jumping, pole bending and more control while riding. After each level the children all put on a horse show for their families and friends. They all receive a certificate and trophies are awarded for the high level courses.

I don't always remember to take a lot of photo's due to the fact I am teaching during class. Please feel free to come by and see us anytime. Visitors are welcome to visit our barn and watch classes. Just mind the rule of thumb - keep all gates shut! We don't need runaway horses!

Serendipity Saddle Club - Visit us!


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