Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friends to Family

                                                    Friends to Family

Maelie Grace

Over the past few months I have been spending a lot of time with a very dear little friend, Maelie. She's spent time with Ivy and I. Playing, beauty days and even attending my Homeschool. One day before class her parents invited Ivy and I over to their house. We were chit chatting out front before Corbin (her father) said that they had something important they'd like to ask us. He had thanked us for taking such good care of Maelie when they are not able to be there, that they are quite happy with how close we've all become. He then asked if I would be Maelie's Godmother and Ivy be her Godsister. I of course said, yes! Being a Godmother is such an honor to me. It's an important role in any child's life. I take it seriously in my SL and I hope to always be able be a source of comfort and love to Maelie and her family.

I'll always be there 'lil Mae. I'm still so honored and happy you and your family chose us to be your Godfamily.

I love you very much,
Meg/ Godmommy

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