Monday, October 22, 2012

A tale of Sheep & Whales

                   A Tale of Sheep & Whales

My niece Darla has been a part of my life for quite some time now. We've grown very close over the last year. She has been without a Godfamily for quite some time and I've never been a God Mother. As this is a role that is very important to me. It's more than a a fancy title. I take it seriously and deep in my heart. I would and do treasure any children that are in my life as they are my own. I have a deep heart that's full of love and I would always care for others as I could myself and my own child. Darla wrote this lovely story below for Ivy and I. The sheep are her family - as I've always called her a little lamb. The whales are Ivy and I. Whales have been my favorite animal for most of my life and I hold them in my heart. We also have a whale that has lived with us for years. Mr. Whale as he's called swims around in our back yard and stays close to us. We read him stories and always sings us to sleep with his beautiful songs.  When I started to read this story I wasn't sure what or who it was about or if perhaps it was just a story. After reading a bit it started to sound and feel a bit more familiar to me... I'll let you read for yourself and continue at the bottom..
Darla Godfamily 1 Darla Godfamily 2 Darla Godfamily 3 Darla Godfamily 4 Darla Godfamily 5 Darla Godfamily 6 Darla Godfamily 7 Darla Godfamily 8 Darla Godfamily 9

At the end of this story .. Darla asked Ivy and I her to be her Godfamily. I've never been a Godmother before. The honor I felt in her asking me .. even to this day is so incredible. I know how close Darla holds this in her heart. I hope that I may always be a source of love, trust, support an encouragement for her - as well as with her parents.
I will treasure you, Darla and always treat you and love you as my own.
I love you, 'lil lamb.

Meg / GodMommy

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