Monday, October 22, 2012

Hadlee's Homeschool - Darla's Birthday & Leaf Hunt!

                                  Darla's Birthday & Leaf Hunt

Today at Hadlee's Homeschool was a big day! It's Darla's birthday and we have plans to go outdoors and hunt for some fall leaves for our afternoon project. The morning started out as usual. I sung the good morning song, we did calendar and the weather. I had sent a note home to the parents about making sure that the kids were bundled up as we were going to go outside and collect fall leaves. When everyone arrived at school it was raining pretty hard. I was getting a bit concerned about us being able to head outdoors in the afternoon for leaf collecting.

We went about our day in hopes of a dryer afternoon. We had a small party for Darla in the morning with a cake. A blue cake of course - her favorite!

We all sang Happy Birthday to her and had cake and gummy bears! ( her other favorite!)

Leaf Collecting
Happy Birthday to Darla!

Leaf Collecting
Blue Birthday cake!
After the party our day continued as usual; we had lunch, storytime and then nap time. While the girls were napping I picked up the cake mess, swept around the table and prepped things for the art project in the afternoon. After the girls gathered all of their leaves I wanted to carry iron them between two pieces of wax paper so that they could take them home and hang them in the window.

By the time the girls were awake the rain seemed to have stopped - at least for the time being. We all bundled up and headed outside to collect some of these beautiful fall leaves before they were gone. We took a walk down the road near my house. 

Leaf Collecting
How many will we find?
Leaf Collecting
Did they find all of the hidden leaves?
After we collected all of the leaves we headed back up to the classroom and set them all out on the table. The girls brought home a lot of leaves! I handed them each a piece of wax paper and they arranged each leaf on the paper just how they wanted it. They let me know when they were ready for me to iron the other piece of paper on top to seal it.

Leaf Collecting
Wax paper and leaves before the other piece of wax paper was ironed on.

Overall it was a wonderful day at school. Hopefully they all took their projects home and hung them in the window to admire fall's beautiful colors. 
I am blessed with a great group of girls as my students! 


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