Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hadlee's Homeschool's Ghost Feet

                           Our Ghost Feet

It's just days before Halloween!I wanted to do a little craft with the girls. We had school as usual in the morning and we read another new Halloween book. While the girls were napping I rolled out a long piece of black paper and set out some white paint and a few brushes with some baby wipes at the end of the black paper.

The girls woke up and I told them we were going to paint their feet with and they were going to be able to run across the black paper and make ghost foot prints! They all squealed in delight at the fun they were going to have with this. I did however instruct them to sit down on their bottom's at the end and wipe off their feet with the container of baby wipes.

Hadlee's Homeschool Ghost Feet!
Getting ready to run across the paper! 

Hadlee's Homeschool Ghost Feet!
Ivy had her turn to run across the paper!

Hadlee's Homeschool Ghost Feet!
Now it's Darla's turn
After the girls had cleaned up their feet I took the paper and cut out each of their foot prints and wrote on the paper "Happy Halloween 2012!" along with their name and drew two small eyes and a nose on the heel of their foot to turn that foot print into a ghost!

Hadlee's Homeschool Ghost Feet!
Ivy's finished project!


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