Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party!

           Homeschool Halloween Party 2012

A Halloween party was always something that I looked forward to when I was in school. I had a small party for the kids a few weeks before Halloween. I had sent home a notice to their parnts and let them know it was okay to send them in a Halloween costume to school and if they wanted to send any goodies it was just fine too! The kids headed in with their costumes -- and my gosh, weren't they adorable! We had our circle time with calendar, music, and weather as usual.. but with a ghoulish twist! We had fun silly Halloween songs at music and we danced to a few of my old favorites!

Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
Dancing at music time!

After music the girls had a chance to free play in the room and I prepped our snacks. We had cupcakes and Maelie's Mum, Bella brought in a bucket with some candy for the kids! They were going to have one big sugar rush!

Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
Snack Time!
I passed around the bucket and the platter of cupcakes for the kids to pick one of each. I also handed out a little present for the girls. A little Halloween wand for each of them. They had little sparkles and a different topper for each - a witch, a black cat and a bat. 

Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
Ivy and her bat wand

After a filling and sugar filled snack it was time to relax with a good Halloween story. The girls all came back over to circle and sat down on their pillows for "A wee witches Halloween" Story time is really my favorite part of the day. Some days I wonder why I wasn't a librarian who reads to children every day.

Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
Story Time
After a few giggles during the new story it was time to wash up for snack. The girls headed into the bathroom in our classroom to wash up and head to the lunch table. 

Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
The girls are always so kind to each other at lunch time. They always offer to share a bit of their lunch - it's such a heartwarming thing to see such small children share so willingly and easily.

I was a bit skeptical about how nap would go after eating all of that sugar but the girls went and found their rest mats and quickly fell asleep -- maybe a sugar crash. I did remind them that in the afternoon we had a plan to go pick pumpkins in the patch down over the hill by our house. Perhaps that helped them rest a bit easier.
Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
Nap Time

The girls woke up pretty well from rest time and we quickly found our way down to the pumpkin patch. I taught the girls how to pull the pumpkin off of the vine. They had a great time looking in the patch for that perfect pumpkin. 

Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
Pumpkin Patch fun!
Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
Ivy in the pumpkin patch

I tried to get a snapshot of the girls all lined up together with their pumpkins. It was hard when they were so giggly and wiggling from all of the excitement!

Hadlee's Homeschool Halloween Party
Pumpkin Patch girls!

Overall we had a wonderful party at school, the decorations, cupcakes, candy and costumes lead for some silly kids but we had a wonderful celebration! I can't believe Halloween is right around the corner! The girls had one more fun project to do next week and then it's here!


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