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The Polar Express

                      The Polar Express

The days are growing closer until the big day-- Christmas! I thought it was only fitting to invite my niece and two Godchildren over to make some ornaments and spend the night. They were all pretty excited. I had set up some newspaper, glue, ornaments, paper, and other craft supplies in the dining room of our house. They Each made a really pretty ornament. Giselle made a pretty little paper chain for the tree. After finishing the ornaments they made - they each hung theirs on the tree. Maelie had asked me if they could all sleep under the Christmas tree. I said.. sure, why not. I remember as a child doing this very thing. It really does look magical when you look up at from under it. 

The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The girls were all snug in the sleeping bags and tucked in. I sat down in front of them and read them - The Polar Express. Ivy really enjoyed this book when we were at the cabin a few days ago. She had mentioned to the girls about the bell she found too. They were all amazed by the story and fell soundly asleep under the tree. 

The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express I puttered around the house while they slept. Picking up the dining room and I had a quick snack in the kitchen before going to bed myself. I had worried a bit with them sleeping down there.. but worrying is a Mother's job.. I suppose. I fell asleep rather quickly .. and all the while I was alseep.. I didn't know that they in fact were awoken by something outside of the house. 

                                                    (have a listen to this while you read!)

*A large steam engine pulled up in front of the Hadlee's house on Evergreen Road. The steam roared and billowed as the engine came to a halt. A tall man clad in engineer's clothing stepped from the train and yelled into the cold night air "Allllll Aboaaaard" and the engine blew it's whistle. The 4 sleeping girls awoke and peered out the window. To their surprise.. a train. A train sat waiting at the bottom of the hill..they all left the house in the pajama's and went to see what this amazing feat could be.. *

The Polar Express

The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The girls ran down over the snowy hill as fast as they could. They were met by the Engineer in an old navy suit. He looked to each girl and handed them each an ornate golden ticket that read "The Polar Express" It was beautiful. He instructed them not to lose it as it was their way home. "Well.. let's go. We're on a schedule." and ushered the girls aboard the train car. It was a beautiful scene. A deep crimson colored trolley car. A seat surely fit for Santa himself. The girls sat down together as the engineer punched all of their tickets and excited the car. With a slow lurch forward and the sream of the whistle blowing. They were moving. "Welcome to the Polar Express" yelled the engineer as they moved into the night. The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express As the train moved on it passed through deep woods filled with wolves, deer, eagles and bear. They had all been looking out the window at the sights when the trolley door opened and the conductor entered and asked "Would any Polar Express travelers like any refreshment?! "I thought so!" he yelled as the door opened again and a team of chefs and waiters came through with ornate golden serving trays that had hot chocolate. They sang and did elaborate dances. The girls were laughing and enjoying every moment of the ride so far.

The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express *The train came to a halt with a screech. The steam cooling and wrapping around the outside of the engine. The door opened into the trolley car where the girls had their noses pressed to the glass with astonishment. The conductor yelled with glory "I present to you.. THE NORTH POLE!" he opened the trolley door and the girls made their way to the exit. It was a beautiful picture. The train station behind them and before them a large city center. There were reindeer prancing about and a large beautiful tree. Could this be? They were REALLY at the North Pole. "Make your way to the center, hustle now. Hurry.. we've got 5 minutes before the big guy arrives!" The big guy? Could it be? SANTA?! They all ran to the stage and hoped what they heard was true.

The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The stage was beautiful.. how long would it be before he came.. if he really was to come. His sleigh and some of the reindeer were already there. He must be. There was a large chair and 4 presents tucked under the tree. I wonder.. "Ho Ho Ho!" a man chortled as he approached them from behind the sleigh. The girls squealed in delight "SANTA!" They couldn't believe who they say. It was really him! He approached them joyfully and said hello to each of them, by name. They couldn't believe he knew their names. This meant that it really had to be Santa. He IS real after all! The Polar Express He spoke to the girls about seeing some of the reindeer team. He brought them to the pen where they were kept. He introduced them each to the reindeer and explained how they had been practicing take off's for the big night - Christmas Eve! He then brought them around to each of the city center shops. He explain that the lit star outside each of the buildings was to signify that that store was ready to be emptied. All the stores were filled with gifts! Wow.. amazing! The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express After they looked into all of the windows of the shops they returned to the center stage. He sat down in his chair and asked Ivy to come sit with him. He asked her if there was anything special she wanted for Christmas. She whispered into his ear. With a soft chuckle he leaned over and gave her a box and asked her to open it. The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express When Ivy opened the box a smaller velvet black box was wrapped inside of red tissue paper. What could it be? She opened with care and found a small silver bell. Just like the story she exclaimed! She picked it up carefully and rang it for all to hear.
"This bell is from Rudolph's harness and it's very special. May you always have Christmas magic in your heart and never let it fade. Keep that close to you.. and whenever you think of me and Christmas.. ring your bell and I know will know you are thinking of me.. I can hear you bell 'round the world.. I know there is magic out there." He kissed the top of her head and set her down gently on the stage as she walked away looking at her little bell. The Polar Express The Polar Express Next was Maelie .. "Ahh, little Maelie Grace... this is for you." He motioned for Maelie to come closer and he helped her up into his lap. He spoke to her in a kind gentle voice as she opened her gift. "Another very special bell from my sleigh. This bell is from Comet's sash.. do take care of your bell. As I told Ivy.. I will always hear your bell whenever or wherever you ring it.. 'round the world. I will know you still believe and the magic is still In your heart." He carefully set Maelie down on the stage and opened his arms for little Giselle to come and sit with him.. The Polar Express The Polar Express She sat in his lap and looked up to Santa after they talked about her Christmas wish.. she opened her gift and Santa spoke: "As I have explained before.. this bell is very special and this one is from Prancer's sash. It's beautiful sounds can only be heard by those who truly believe in me.. and my home here at the North Pole. Keep my spirit alive in your heart .. and I will always hear you ringing my bell." The Polar Express The Polar Express Giselle slipped down from his lap and admired her bell as her Darla made her way to Santa's lap. After they talked about her Christmas wishes she opened her gift from Santa.. "This bell is from Dancer's sash. He would be proud to have you carrying one of his bells around. Keep my magic alive in that bell and in your heart. Ring it year 'round and I will hear it and know your magic is still within your heart." The Polar Express As Darla slipped to the floor, Santa rose up to his feet and spoke to the girls once more.. "Now, girls.. It's time for me return home to my house and eat a few cookes made by Mrs. Clause. You girls should make your way to the train station.. the conductor should be with you shortly to take you home." The Polar Express "You girls were lovely to visit with... have a safe journey home!.. Remember keep my magic alive!" He climbed a top his sleigh and rode into the night air and called out ""Merry Christmas to you girls.. Ivy, Giselle, Darla and Maelie! See you sooooooon!" The Polar Express The girls made their way back to the train. The conductor was waiting for them at the door of the trolley car. They each handed him their ticket for him to punch and sat down in the train for the long journey home. The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express The journey was long and tiring.. but they finally reached Evergreen Road .. The Hadlee's. The sun was just beginning to crest over the mountains in the distance. The girls knew they would have to hurry into the house before Ivy's Mother woke up. They all looked back at the train and would always remember what had happened that night.. was it all a dream?... "

                                                                  The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express As they all found their way back into their sleeping bags, Ivy's mother had just come down over the stairs. The girls awoke and all started to talk about some dream. When Giselle was telling the part where she took her red ribbon that held her bell and tied it around her stuffed kitty's beck. She looked down and... the bell. It was there, around Molly's neck. It DID happen! They all seemed to talk at once and told the story of their evening. Even, Meg heard the ringing of the bell that day. The spent the afternoon in pajama's and ended with watching the movie .. The Polar Express and pointing out everything that they had seen and done. The Polar Express The Polar Express The Polar Express May you always feel Christmas magic.. - Meg Hadlee

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