Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Cabin - Day 2

                 Christmas Cabin - Day 2

We woke fairly early this morning. I let Rosemary outdoors to do her business and stood on the porch and watched the snowfall, coffee mug in hand. Ivy was stirring on the sofa and Hubby had already set out to chop some new firewood for us. It was a perfect morning to set out to find a few things to put into the Christmas bulb. After our breakfast and dressing we headed out. Ivy mentioned that she would like to see if she could find a feather from the snowy owl. That might be a task.. but no task too big for this Mum.

Christmas Cabin -Day 2 We decided she may have dropped a feather by the fence where the car was parked. We searched the snow and to much dismay .. there was no feather. However, the owl was still there, eyes closed.
Christmas Cabin -Day 2 Christmas Cabin -Day 2 After searching both behind the owl and in front.. I decided I was going to do something I probably shouldn't. I reached my gloved hand forward and wiggled my fingers towards the owl. Only hoping to startle it enough that it may drop a feather as it fluttered it's wings. I did startle the owl.. and enough that she flew away.. and leaving us with one feather. We had our first item! Christmas Cabin -Day 2 After some time we searched around the area. We both had the idea that we'd like to take a small piece of our Christmas tree and slip it inside of the bulb. We walked over to the car and broke a small branch off and headed back inside. I thought that I'd like to add a poinsettia flower petal and Ivy found a small bell that had been around one of the decorations in the cabin- that would symbolize her polar express bell. We got to work filling the ornament. This was a really nice afternoon craft to do with her. This memory will now last a lift time - hanging on many trees to come. Christmas Cabin -Day 2 Christmas Cabin -Day 2 With love, The Hadlee's Christmas Cabin -Day 2

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