Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Cabin Day 1

                  Christmas Cabin Day 1

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I am not sure I could even begin to describe how I feel during this season. It's so incredibly important to me. All things red, green, silver and blue, the scent of sweet baked goods, warm hot cocoa and the laughter of children. I couldn't ask for anything more. I often find myself holding back joyful tears during this month. When I was growing up, tradition was always very, very important in my family. As a child I can remember so many little things. Like, the small crystal candy dishes in each room of our house - filled to the top with Christmas candy. The holiday music blasting  - almost 24 hours a day. If were caught playing anything but Christmas music my father would change it back. It was such a joyful time in my life. My Mother and Father were Christmas.. they made Christmas incredible. I vowed as a child that I would make Christmas incredible for my children too, and always be sure to do the same traditions I did. So.. starting off with cutting down the Christmas tree. We would always go to this tree farm in the country. They had a sleigh drawn by large white Clydesdales  They were adorned with red velvet straps and bells. Something you'd see in a storybook.. yet it was always right in front of my eyes. They had a small shop where we would pick out a small ornament each year to bring home. We would pull into the farm and park the car and head in to cut down our very own tree..

I mentioned to Ivy that we were going to go away for a few days. Her Father and I packed up the car and headed into the country. I'd managed to find a small cabin for rent deep within the woods. I booked it right away.

We sang Christmas carols along the way to the cabin and Ivy managed to get a small nap in as well.

Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 We finally arrived at the cabin after about an hour's drive. We got out of the car and set Ivy down on the ground.. she had run off while my Husband and I looked at the reindeer! I looked ahead a bit towards the cabin and I saw Ivy standing at the fence looking at a small snowy owl. (Those are her favorite) Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 We deiced we'd like to pick out the Hadlee Christmas tree right off! So we headed to the small set of trees next to the cabin. After much debate.. we found the one. She was beautiful. We all stood in front of the tree and I set up the camera to take a picture of us all together. (What a perfect shot for a Christmas card!) After the photo it was time for dear ol' Dad to cut 'er down! Ivy and I stood back while we watched him saw the tree down. "Timberrrrrrr!" down she went and we dragged it to the car to rest it up on the roof racks. Ready to bring home! Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1
Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 After we made sure the tree was secure it was time for a story and some sleep. It'd been a long yet exciting day. We all went into the cabin and took off our snowy clothing. Ivy was shocked when she saw there was a kitty and a puppy waiting inside. They were part of a Christmas gift. We decided that we would name the puppy Rosemary and the kitty, Basil. Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 After we were settled and all tucked together by the fireside.. Ivy spotted one special little box under the tree. All it said was "Ivy". This was a special gift. One that has to be opened when getting the Christmas tree. She couldn't imagine what it was. She gave the box a gentle shake to see if she could hear anything inside. Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 She bagan to tear at the paper with much excitement. What could it be? A Christmas present .. and so early! Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 It was an empty Christmas bulb. Why? What would she do with that? She told me she loved it, naturally. I waited a moment to explain to her. "It's a memory ornament honey. We're going to gather things from this trip to put inside of the bulb. So that we may remember this very trip for years to come. We're going to be here a few days.. and this is the perfect time to find special things to slip inside." Christmas Cabin Day 1 We tucked the ornament safely under the tree and settled in on the couch for a story before our eyes might close on their own. Christmas Cabin Day 1 I had picked out the Polar Express.. one of my favorite stories. Christmas Cabin Day 1 After the story we all sat and looked at the fire quietly. This was what family was -really- about. These moments right here. I'll cherish this trip for as long as I can remember. This was one of Ivy's first Christmas's where she will really be getting into Santa and memories. I want to make this an incredibly magical year for her. I had looked back over at the tree and saw a small green box under it. My brow furrowed ans I know I didn't put that there.. nor my husband. What? .. how? Ivy spotted it as well. She promptly jumped down from the couch and we all looked at the pretty green box. "Can I open it Mommy?" "Well.. I suppose.." I wasn't so sure about this.. but... Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Now.. if any of you have read the Polar Express.. you'll know at the end a small boy receives the first gift of Christmas. It's a small bell from Santa's sleigh. I'll never forget what I saw in that small green box... a bell. A small silver bell. It held the most magical sound I'd ever heard..just like the story. It said.. it will ring beautifully for all of those who truly believe. I was astonished. We stood there and giggled and smiled for what seemed an hour. However.. it was getting late and time to really find some sleep. We went to let Rosemary out to do her business.. when we saw the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The Northern Lights. They were breath taking. Ivy and I stood there on the front porch for nearly 45 minutes watching them dance across the midnight sky. This truly was a magical night. One I'll never forget. Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 We head back inside and all piled on the sofa for a sleep.. Christmas Cabin Day 1 Christmas Cabin Day 1 Until tomorrow.. The Hadlee's

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