Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lazy summer days

Lazy Summer Days

Summer is winding down to an end. The days of swimming in the lake, running barefoot down the road, the feeling of the cool morning grass between my toes, the crickets singing me to sleep and the loons call will soon be but a dream. I had a few tiny friends over for a swim in the lake before the summer sun allows the fall breeze in to take over. Aiyde, Riley, Maelie and I all ran down to the lake and jumped in. We decided that we would have a 'raft' race from the dock all the way to the big brown bridge. I gave the 1-2-3 GO! for the kids to begin paddling. I swam behind them as they raced to the finish line. We stayed and watched the ocean waves crashing around the light house in the distance. I explained to the kids that we can't swim any further than this - out there is the big wide open ocean. We didn't want the ocean to 'hug us' and bring us out to sea. We had a lovely afternoon of swimming and relaxing. These summer days will always be a wonderful memory to keep. I'm thankful for my time with my 'lil friends and our raft race. 

Aiyden, myself, and Riley. 
Lazily enjoying the last bit of summer,

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