Saturday, September 1, 2012



What does that mean to you? Home. It's one word but it speaks a thousand silent expressions. My small family has moved a few times over the past few months. You've all been with us on our small journey. SL is a place where we can chose who is family, where we live and what we look like. You'd think it would always feel like 'home' to you. After all, it's what you made, your design and your creations, right? Wrong. 

As of late I've been feeling extremely sappy and insightful. Maybe it's the change of the seasons that is fast approaching. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It's the one time of the year where I really feel alive and myself. The crisp autumn air kissing my cheeks, the perfume of leaves, salty ocean air (at least for me) pine trees, and the call of the loons slowly leaving as the calls of the crows and owls creep back in. My whole life I've been very introspective and emotional. It's something that I've never pushed away, I've always embraced it with open arms. At times it can feel as if it's a burden, because I feel so very deeply. I wouldn't change it for the world. I have another blog that I currently write in with more of my thoughts and emotions. I've been tempted to share from time to time.. perhaps one day.. 

My family and I have been spending a lot of time together as of late getting our home and property ready for the season's change. Hanging small wreaths, pulling up some of the toys and putting them away in the shed and tending the gardens. I'll have to start canning lots of the veggies soon, we'll need to have some for over the winter months. I will be covering the shrubs and readying the storm windows for the winter months. 

After hanging a new autumn wreath on the front porch and setting a small basket of pumpkins out I stood there and just stopped. Pickles, the cat at my side. I stood there and inhaled the crisp air. The wind was blowing ever so lightly. Just enough to tease the small wisps from my braid. I watched a small family of sparrows fly over the mountains. Perhaps they were on their way to another climate. The leaves were dancing in the distance, and I could hear the crashing of the waves below the hill out front. I thought to myself... this is home. This really is it. Home, where I belong. I've never felt more at home than I do with my family, and my small cottage by the sea. I want for nothing. I have a beautiful daughter, an amazing sister and two incredible nieces. We have a plethora of pets and a small farm. Our ocean side country home is all I could dream of and more. To know that I am home, to feel that I am home in my heart is such a wonderful feeling. I have so much love to express and at times I can't always describe the feelings I have for my family and my home in SL. Always know no matter where the road takes us.. I'll be with you, holding your hand. You're my family, no matter where this country road goes. 

Filled with love,

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  1. I really love your blog :D. Its lovely when you find your little sl spot of heaven to call home. I been drifting from sim to sim since the sim i originally lived on closed down. Each time hoping the next place i go will be a forever home :) But like you i love fall, Im just in the middle of changing my trees and bringing out all the wonderful colours fall offers, And i get excited as i know it wont be long then to hang our the Halloween decorations and then to xmas time :) Thank you so much for the lovely story's :D